Win $1000 – Name New Xecuter Product Competition

Win $1000 – Name New Xecuter Product Competition It is so much fun to be able to play with homebrew again and as a thank you to the Xbox 360 Scene we have decided to launch a competition where, thanks to our very popular vendor, you can win a $1000 cash prize by coming up with the name for our new 360 USB Nand Programmer / JTAG Hack product. Not only will you have the chance to win $1000 cash but you will get to have the bragging rights to naming an Xecuter product that will have global distribution and will be used by tens of thousands of modders 🙂 The programmer is fully compatible with NandPro (Thanks to Tiros) and works on all compatible 360 motherboards including Xenon, Falcon, Zephyr, Opus & Jasper. The complete kit includes everything you need to read/write your NAND Flash and also to implement the complete JTAG hack with minimal installation time. It's a very simple install (much like the X2 / X3 Xbox mods). The image shows a very early prototype – the final version is MUCH nicer 🙂 The rules are simple. Make a post in this forum topic with your entry and the winner will be chosen by March 31st 2010 and paid via PayPal. That's it 🙂 Note: Only 1 entry per post. You can enter as many times as you like. Thanks again to – Fast Worldwide Shipping of All Xecuter products – also VERY CHEAP Dual Layer DVD Suppliers ! Thanks to the following who are actively involved in the 360 Homebrew scene. These guys deserve all your support !! Free60 (Xell), Redline99 (Xellous), TeamXBR (XBReboot), KrK / Team 360h (ISO2GOD), Team XeDEV (XM360, XeXmenu, NXE2GOD, QuickBoot), Tiros (NandPro), Axc97c (Freestyle 360 Dash), Ski-lleR (IngeniouX 360 Dash) and of course, & Apologies if we have missed you from this list...
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GOD2ISO v1.0.0

Rab released the first version of GOD2ISO (yes, backwards) on Just a tool I quickly knocked up to get back a lost iso from the god Games on Demand container I'd made. Thought it might come in handy for others in a similar situation. It's not had a lot of testing though! I think this is only useful for gods made with iso2god, I'm not sure what format the nxe installed games are in (i.e. god2iso runs fine on them, but I don't know what tool you can then use to view the result). Official Site: n/a, by RabDownload: hereNews-Source:
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ISO2GOD v1.2.1

KrK / Team 360h released a new app called ISO2GOD, a PC app for converting Xbox 360 ISO images straight into Games on Demand containers. What's new/fixed (since v1.1.3):+ Right-click menu for conversion queue to allow for edit, removal and reset of FTP upload status. (v1.2.1)~ Fix for minor bug in GOD container header. Thanks Rab (v1.2.1)+ FTP support to automatically transfer GODs to 360 HD. (v1.2.0)+ GODs given unique names so multi-disc titles can now be converted. (v1.2.0)+ Option to automatically rename multi-disc titles. Eg: " Disc 1" (v1.2.0)+ ISO conversions can now be edited by double clicking the entry in the queue. (v1.2.0)+ Free disk space check. (v1.2.0)~ Fix for bugs in GOD conversion code that caused games to fail. (See notes) (v1.2.0)~ More details added to conversion queue. (v1.2.0)~ Minor tweaks to the GUI. (v1.2.0) Official Site: n/a, by KrK/Team 360hDownload (v1.2.1): hereNews-Source:...
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XM360 v1.1b

Node21 (Team XeDev) released a new version of XM360. What's new/fixed:* Added ftp server, and because of that, a new button to "Rescan". Also, your 360's IP address is displayed on screen.* Fixed long standing issue where some titles weren't unlocking, and some weren't being scanned properly. It had only minor impact though, so you might not have been aware of it.* Added feature to "restore" DLC filenames. As it turns out, some people are somehow getting DLC which has been renamed. This feature will correct the filenames on the HDD. However, it also seems that some of this DLC is being modified in order to "tag" it, or to "claim" it. For example: some complete asshole calling himself "DragonSlayer" is releasing DLC and embedding "ripped by DragonSlayer" inside the DLC. He is also taking the liberty to change the area of the DLC which indicates what title the DLC is "for". This completely hoses xm360 which expects DLC to be intact. So, if you are exposing yourself to these DLC files, be prepared for XM360 to not be able to display your DLC correctly…and don't report it as a bug. Be aware, that this feature can take some real time as it has to open each and every DLC to figure out what it's name *should* be.* some minor ftp fixes (modify time on files, and ability to CD ..) (v1.1b) Official Site: n/a (built with...
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JungleFlasher 0.1.71(98)

Our friends at Team Jungle have released the latest version of their fantastic 360 flashing tool. Not only does it have several bug fixes but now includes built in IRC Chat Channel support ! No Lite-On LT Spoofing ————————————— No longer says copied ID strings when target is LT No longer Shows false spoof when LT is "spoofed" with older JF ver – previous versions are not forward compatible with LT – they may put spoof in place but LT will ignore it. Hitachi Support —————————————- Bug fix – master checksum now set when auto-spoofing Stock Hitachi Master Checksum now set when spoofing stock Hitachi in firmtools. Bug fix – JF no longer crashes when saving encrypted Hitachi. General Support —————————————- IRC tab that calls a Java IRC client in embedded browser window requires 2 dll's… included Get it here:...
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Genesis Plus 360 v0.18 Beta

A new version of the MegaDrive/Genesis emulator for Homebrew Xbox360s has been released. What's new/fixed:* Added 6 button support* Fixed sound issues* Fixed crash when adding to favorite when no roms where available* New Skin Added Official Site: n/a, by 'anonymous'Download: n/a (built with...
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Exiso-gui v1.0.0.5

Schmurtz released ExIso gui v1.0.0.5: I have created a little Windows interface for extract iso for xbox 360. ExIso GUIIt makes easier to extract multiple iso with a queue list and a little FTP browser.It allow to create a menu with Quickboot faster : you click one button and it creates local copy of xex that works with Quickboot from XEDev Team. What's new/fixed (in v1.0.0.5): * lot of bugs corrections (the principal was during local extraction) * add ability to choose FTP port * drag and drop of an iso file works * successfuly extracted iso are now colored in green * listing of iso files before extraction * all activities are logged in history.log * ergonomic improvements Official Site: n/a, by SchmurtzDownload: here...
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Xbox DVD File System Source

From Redline99 on In the last couple months I have had about 10 inquiries about my source code for handling the xbox dvd files system. I can't offer much help with the code. It has literally been years since I have looked at it. I suspect it wont be that helpful to people since it is in VB6 and never designed to be shared outside of XBC but, maybe it will give me a break from the requests. XDVDFS.clsThis is the main part of code everyone is interested in. It is basically a reimplementation/port of "xtract360ex". It's not exactly the same but heavily influenced by it. XDVDFS_Map.clsThe is the core logic for my "Sector Mapper". Example: It allowed me to easily rip iso's using the file system (excluding random filled sectors). The sector mapper is used when an option in XBC is checked for ripping XB1 discs. It can be enabled for Xb360 with a hidden registry setting. It will allow smaller compressed iso's but at the expense of being a "proper rip" (It will fail LBA hash checks in the HV). It also was useful for displaying the file name associated to specific sector. This class can also create a layout file but it is not the same as the .lyt files, it was an internal research layout. CLayout.clsThis is the code that creates the .lyt files that are compatible with Qwix(info). xtract360ex.zipThis is the code I originally created (well just modified slightly) from the "PI xtract360"I added the ability to read more iso formats (Xtreme). This code works most of the time butit has a buffer over-run if the dir sector spans multiple sectors. Something like that, I don't remember.A good test iso is "Star Trek: Legacy for Xbox 360" because it has something like 30,000 plus files. Download: hereNews-Source:
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X360 Cfg Editor v1.0

Yako200 released X360 Cfg Editor v1.0: This utility allows you to easily edit Config.bin and NAND.BIN format files to change config settings on exploited Xbox 360 consoles. for config file(s): 32Kb (nandpro)for nand file(s): 16Mb, (66M), 256Mb, 512Mb (nandpro) The current version will allow you to easily change these settings: Console video format: PAL-> NTSC / NTSC-> PAL DVD Region: 01 .. 08, ALL regions Game Region: USA, EUR, KOR, JAP Other settings will be added in the next version Once the file is edited, you will have to inject it on your exploited Xbox360 again, so the Xbox360 will boot with the modified settings. Use at own risk! Official Site: hereNews-Source:...
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Yaris-Swap v0.7c

zouzzz released Yaris-Swap v0.7c. What's new/fixed:* fix FTP XUID size (v0.7a)* Now recognizes and handles in the avatar items in director 00009000/xxxxxxxx differently (v0.7b)* added Options panel for FTP and XUID (v0.7b)* added XUID functions panel with Save (12 chars detected by the application) and Load buttons (v0.7b)* Will recognize XUID and add to the viewlist (v0.7b)* Added Save Load button in the FTP functions panel (v0.7b)* Removed the Hex mod – Swap – Send FTP button, found in the Options panel (v0.7b)* Fixed FTP bug (c-revision) Official Site/Download:...
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ISO2GOD v1.1.3

KrK / Team 360h released a new app called ISO2GOD, a PC app for converting Xbox 360 ISO images straight into Games on Demand containers. What's new/fixed:+ Progress bar now updates when rebuilding an ISO.+ More details about ISO image shown in ISO queue.+ Option to turn off prompt when choosing not to save a rebuilt ISO image.+ Option to always save rebuilt ISO images.~ Fix for problem that caused rebuilt ISO images to be seriously inflated when multiple ISOs were queued.~ Fix for when ISO started converting automatically after a previous queue had finished.~ Fix for rebuilt ISO not being deleted when requested.~ XexTool(info)(info) is now packaged separately from Iso2God to try and solve permission issues with virus scanners.~ After completion ISO entry will now turn green to confirm it has been fully processed.~ Improved performance when rebuilding ISO image. Official Site: n/a, by KrK/Team 360hDownload: hereNews-Source:...
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XM360 v1.0

Team XeDev released a new version of XM360. What's new/fixed:* For DLC titles that you have, the text at the bottom of the screen will indicate "Not Scraped" for titles that you have but couldn't be matched with the marketplace website. This is usually an indication that you should find the one from the marketplace and mark it as "ignore."* The default view for the DLC scene (when it first shows up) is now titles for which you have some DLC (makes more sense to start there)* The <All> setting in the DLC scene now works correctly. It used to always show everything instead of paying attention to the filter.* You now have the ability to "Ignore" entire titles. So, if you never plan to have any "Lips" DLC, then mark "Lips" as ignored. This allows you to clean up the view of all existing DLC, if you care to do so. This concept carries over the the report that you can output as well. An ignored title will have none of it's DLC reported, but the title itself will be reported at the end where it reports on titles that are ignored. Makes sense?* Title Update scene allows you to backup all TU files to hdd:Cache2 (the reverse of the already implemented Restore)* Title Update scene allows you to backup/restore single TU files* Added temperature display to all scenes Official Site: n/a (built with...
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libSDL360x v0.01

Lantus released the SDL Library for Xbox 360, which should allow developers to easily port SDL-based emulators/games/etc to the Xbox 360: SDL Library for Xbox 360 ConsolesI've had this code for quite some time but its good enough to release. This code is based off the original libSDLx(info) code I wrote for the Xbox over 6 years ago.The original DX8 audio/video calls were replaced by DX9 stuff and XAudio2 code to work with the Xbox 360. This is just the source code to build the libraries. No binaries are included so its 100% legal! UsageArchive contains 3 folders:– libSDLx360 contains main SDL project source code– SDL_ttf360 is SDL TTF project source code– SDLTest is a sample project showing a simple test of SDLBasic SDL functionality is up. Graphics/audio/threads/filesystem/joysticks are all in and working nicely. TODO– Lots of optimizations– Mouse/Keyboard/cdrom code is not written (yet)– SDL Mixer doesnt exist (yet) HelpAny source code patches people have will be helpful. Im especially looking into DX9 rendering optimizations and improvements to the software blitter code. Thanks 🙂 Official Site: n/a, by LantusDownload: hereNews-Source:
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OpenJazz 360

LoveMHz of XeLove released OpenJazz360, based off of the OpenJazz project: About:Jazz Jackrabbit is a platform game produced by Epic MegaGames. The game features six episodes; each episode consists of three worlds, with two levels and a boss level. Jazz has a life bar; when enemies shoot or come in contact with him, he loses health that must be replenished by collecting carrots. If his health falls to zero, Jazz turns to ash and the level restarts from the last checkpoint. Also, instead of jumping on enemies Jazz must shoot his enemies with a blue gun he always carries. A variety of different bullet types can be found in the game and do varying amounts of damage. Instal:Run like any other XEX on your 360. The shareware files are included. If you own the full game simply copy the files into the OpenJazz360 folder. Official Site: n/a (built with XDK)News-Source:
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NXE2GOD v1.1

Dstruktiv released a new version of NXE2GOD, an application for homebrew 360s that will converts NXE installed games to Games on Demand. What's new/fixed:* Fixed bug where some games would potentially not convert properly due to files not being moved to the correct place.* Minor speed increase. Notes:* It's basically a bug fix version but I do recommend updating to it as it should be more reliable and stable.* For those that do not know NXE2GOD runs on your 360 and will convert any games you've installed with NXE to Games on Demand packages so you no longer need to insert the disk.* Youtube Video of an older version here Official Site: n/a (built with...
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Iso Extraction Tool For Mac

Tripkip compile Aiyo's Iso Extraction Tool v2.5 new source code for Mac: I managed to compile Aiyo's new source code for Mac! Usage:1. Place extract-xiso(info) next to your iso (easiest)2. Open Terminal3. Change directory to the iso directory (ex. cd Desktop)4. Execute extract-xiso with the name of your iso (ex. ./extract-xiso name.iso)5. Watch and relax For help just execute extract-xiso without any parameters. Official Site: n/a, by Tripkip on here Original Source:...
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360 Evolution RC1

A new editor for CON, LIVE, PIRS and saved games files has been released: AboutA revolutionary Xbox 360 editor which allows the end user to Display and Modify information contained within Xbox 360 Container (CON, LIVE, PIRS) files, Save Game files (Halo 3, Modern Warfare 2, etc.). Requirements* Hardware o Xbox 360 o XPort / XSATA – See CodeJunkies for further information. o XPort 360 / XPlorer 360 – Included in Download* Software o .NET Framework 3.5 – Built into application. Known Bugs* Settings o Background does not save and has been disabled. (Workaround: In the settings.xml file, add a complete filesystem path between <background></background>.) Official Site:
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Freestyle Xbox 360 Dash v1.09 Beta

Axc97c released a new beta version of the Freestyle Xbox 360 Dashboard for homebrew Xbox 360 consoles: Its been converted to a unicode app so all manner of things could be broken (hence the beta)! Changes:Dont download artwork thats already on the hddSupport for foreign charactersFixed black screen at startupNo skin changes so 1.08 skins will work ok Official Site: n/a, by Axc97c on n/a (built with XDK) Original Source:...
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Genesis Plus 360 v0.12 Beta

A Genesis/Megadrive emulator has been released for homebrew Xbox 360 consoles: Features:– Graphics/Sound– Achievements (don't be a dumbass and use this on live, your console will be banned)– Favorites Support– XUI user interface– SRAM save support linked to a user profile– SaveState support (currently 1 per rom)– Regular and Enhanced Graphics Filters– Sound filters– Threaded Audio– Aspect Ratio/Stretch Mode support– Previews Not Implemented (Yet):– Input Button Mapping– Pixel Shaders to replace Software filters (speed)– Cheat support– Six button support– Other misc stuff Notes:This is still an early beta. There are bugs…More of your favorite emulators/homebrew to donations required… Official Site: n/a, by 'anonymous'Download: n/a (built with...
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OrganiseLazouzzz Beta3

Zouzzz released a new version of OrganiseLazouzzz, an organizer for LIVE, PIRS and CON files. What's new/fixed: * Update the list of symbols annoying (replaced by a space) when creating folders for CON / LIVE / PIRS files ( /: *? "<> |) * Added info on a file size loads * Added a FTP mode for LIVE and PIRS files (for JTAG hack with XEX Menu> v1.0) * Added Yaris Patch for LIVE and PIRS files (for JTAG hack) Official Site: hb-released.comDownload:...
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Xecuter CK3-CP (CK3 Control Panel)

We are pleased to give you a preview of one of our new upcoming products, The Xecuter CK3-CP (CK3 Control Panel). This is the latest in our successful range of CK3 Xbox 360 Connectivity products and is the first all in one solution, now with a custom built LCD interface and external control system. Please note the images are a prototype version. We expect shipping and RRP to be announced by the end of February. A brief Run Down Of Features: 5 1/4" PC Bay Complete Control Panel for all Xbox 360 Connectivity Functionality and more ! Custom LCD Support Newly designed CK3 Fully Integrated External SATA Port 2 x USB 2.0 Ports Compatible with ALL Xbox 360 DVD Drives Hardware Mode-B For Hitachi Drives Hardware Eject For All Drives 4 x Programmable Directional Keypad Programmable LCD Output Programmable 2 x LED Interface 100% Smartie LCD Driver Support (More Info & features: ) Power Switch For DVD Vendor Mode Includes SATA Cable More features and 3rd party software support to be announced...
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NandPro 2.0c

A new version of NandPro(info) has been released, the original cmd-line tool that allows you to read/flash the Xbox360 NAND via LTP or USB:What's new/fixed:* Bit settling verify feature added for LPT reading* Add support for Jasper16a* Improved detection for virtual nand device, fixes some problems with writing to vnand.* Always corrects the ECC bytes (but not SPARE), even in raw modeie: A raw file that has been hex edited can simply be flashed with -w* Added command line swithces%r will read SPARE data only, 16 bytes per [email protected] will write RAW file, while correcting block numbersCan "force" a flash config on command line by appending :HexFlashConfig Official Site: By Tiros at (thx to WarriorSan for the news)Download:...
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XM360 v0.7

Team XeDev released a new version of XM360. What's new/fixed (since v0.6b):* Further massive rewrites 🙂* Automatically scan on launch, showing progress* That ugly fixed-width font is gone, except where needed (the XBLA Collection Manager list)* Support for DLC "Collection Management" – it's integrated into the "Show DLC" scene. Be sure to use LB and RB to change views. Note there are *lot's* of missed matches, mostly because what is *inside* the DLC files doesn't match what is on the marketplace web site. Because of this, there is also the ablity to show content which you have, but wasn't scraped from the web site.* There is a button to write the DLC report. It takes a while, and only includes information on DLC for which you have at least one title.* Like scraping for XBLA, there is an included perl script. It takes a very long time to complete. You shouldn't need it often. XM360 will search for a file called DLC_titles.csv before using the one included in the package.* There's a button to generate the XBLA_report.txt instead of doing it all the time.* Entirely new support for Title Updates. Including the ability to Delete them.* Support for deleteing XBLA titles.* Support for deleteing DLC titles. Official Site: http://xedev.xbins.orgDownload: n/a (built with...
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Freestyle Xbox 360 Dash v1.08

Axc97c released a new version of the Freestyle XBOX 360 Dashboard for homebrew Xbox 360 consoles: I decided that instead of focusing of file copying and browsing operations, I would make the game launching and browsing as good as i could. New stuff since last public release (v1.03):* FTP speeds now 10Mb+ to internal HDD.* FTP working in many more clients (see FTP info section).* Copy DVD to USB drive or HDD.* View recently played games.* Preview video for each game.* Sounds within user interface.* View free disk space on all drives.* Date and Time in dashboard.* Background Artwork.* Add images manually using indexer.* Full file browser support, including copy, move, delete etc. Future of Freestyle DashI no longer have to time to continue development of this dashboard. I may have time for the odd fix, but for it to continue to develop someone needs to set up a svn and project page and get the community developing it further. I have included the full source code to everything to build the dash and indexer, but if ive missed anything please let me know. Official Site: n/a, by Axc97c on n/a (built with XDK) Original Source:...
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Create Iso Compatible for Iso2God

Frogy_007 released Create Iso Compatible for Iso2God.This app creates an iso from a folder and patches it to work with ISO2GOD and thus saves space by eliminating content that is not needed. Official Site: n/a, by Frogy_007Download: hereNews-Source: (thx to WarriorSan for the...
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