C4E's LT+ 2.0 Firmware with LT-MAX Booting GOW3, Driver & Space Marines using Dual Layers 🙂 Xecuter CoolRunner Reset Glitch Mod. Completely re-designed, hence the 5 second boot times. No expensive Actel required 🙂 Remember when being shown video demo you want to see multiple models not just Jasper (as that boots the fastest) and you want to see several consecutive power cycles of the Xbox as if its a poor quality glitch it can sometimes boot up in 2 – 3 minutes as opposed to 5 seconds. JASPER FALCON TRINITY (SLIM)...

C4Eva about LTplus v2.0 Progress: XGD3 Defeated

From c4eva Successful testing of LT 2.0 with new LT-MAX feature for DVD R DL. XGD3 ixtreme isos playing fine from DVD R DL disc and/or install to HD E******* does this Mean we can use or regular dual layer media / burners and layer break 1913760? Or has that changed ? c4eva regular DL media, yes! s******** c4eva is the layer break still the same c4eva more details soon! c4eva normal blanks, normal burner! c4eva XGD3=defeated! 🙂 c4eva LT Max=Maximum capacity! There's no release date for now. The new 0800 FW (which passed to from v2.0 to v3.0) for VAD6038 and DG-16D2S drives will probably come out first: Rips full ISO (XGD2 and XGD3), including correct AP2.5 data. Not released yet. Waiting on supporting software (Xbox Backup Creator/abgx360) to be completed, and testing to be completed on Lite-On 0800....
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XeLL Reloaded 23/09/2011 '2Stages'

Cancerous, cOz, Ced2911, GliGli, RedLine99 and Tuxuser are proud to release a new official version of XeLL-Reloaded (Codename: 2Stages) following the release of the new homebrew Xbox 360 reset glitch hack v1.1: What's new/fixed: * Fixed web interface download speed. * Fixed boot loop messages not clearing properly. * Added a 15 sec delay to have a chance to cancel updxell process. * Fixed ata init. * Libxenon improvements (controller leds,…). Official Site/Download: News-Source:
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Reset Glitch Hack v1.1

GliGli released a new version of the Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) that allows you to run homebrew software on any 360 console (except Xenon). What's new/fixed: * Falcon support. * Per hardware revision SMC patches (no more need for Jasper donor smc on fats). * Adding sanity check on 1BL key. * Adding support for donor CB on fats. * Debug pin on fats and slims. * New Xell with some bugs fixed. * Now using 270pf capacitor for slims, many reported it works better. Official Site: / / / Download: here News-Source:
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C4eva DG-16D2S and VAD6038 0800 v3 FW in Testing

From * BenQ 0800 VAD6038 v3.0 (COMPLETED – NOT YET RELEASED) Rips full ISO (XGD2 and XGD3), including correct AP2.5 data. Not released yet. Waiting on supporting software (Xbox Backup Creator/abgx360) to be completed, and testing to be completed on Lite-On 0800. * Lite-On 0800 DG-16D2S v3.0 (IN TESTING) Rips full ISO (XGD2 and XGD3), including correct AP2.5...
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Thanks to the release of the GOW3 Console we now have a long awaited 320GB HDDSS.BIN file ! Simply hook your compatible Western Digital Sata HDD to an X360USB PRO and follow the easy instructions on how to use the X360USB PRO HDD HACKER TOOL. Very Easy Thanks to MP3 Boy for the 320GB...

Gboot – a ReBooter in Development for the Reset Glitch Hack

The Russian Team over at is working on a ReBooter (hot-reboot of the console into a hacked 360 kernel allowing unsigned XDK software – like done for the SMC (JTAG) hack before) for the Reset Glitch Hack (RGH): Gboot is working Today it's not a great day for the J-Tag owners. After some weeks with a lot of work, it is real. Gboot is running. Gboot is the first kind of rebooter for the Glitch Hack. Gboot is no rebooter, like Freeboot. It can actual only boot one game at the time. Now it is a developer version, but there come a ready complete rebooter. Ok what must you do, to play a game? You need a working Glitch Hack and a dump of the nand. So why a dump of the nand? We create a nand image with a hacked 13599 Kernel and hardcoded gamepath. Ok now lets go to Xell Reloaded, we put our fresh generated xenon.elf to a USB drive and plug in into the xbox. Power on your xbox and enjoy the show. Yes it works the first game, with a Glitch Hack. We work hard, that you can enjoy a dashboard like the original, but actual it can only boot a default.xex an nothing other. And now we feel sorry, for all the J-Tag owners. But guys you are out. This is a developer version, be patience a public tool comes in a few weeks. Official Site:
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TeamFSD Brings you something new: RxE

From A pictures worth a thousand words so heres a little view of whats going on now. [youtube hcHvbyzHHYI nolink] [youtube 6fmWV_Gu2xI nolink] Now, on to a few things. First, RxE is the new direction of Freestyle Dash. While RxE is a complete overhaul/rebranding of the previous dash, it still has all the great features you know and love from FSD. The RxE reincarnations of these features have all been recoded, redesigned, rethought to achieve a fast, clean, stable, and exciting experience. The Real Xbox Experience. Below is a preview of some features: Kinect Gesture and Voice integration RxE has full support for the kinect sensor. Skeletal tracking and voice recognition will allow you to navigate the dash with just your hands and/or your voice Private Messaging linked to Send messages to your friends, view your contacts, share your avatars and even video chat. Private messaging is a communication hub for all members CoverFlow The game list has been redesigned using the popular coverflow layout. In addition to coverflow, we're providing many other layout types, like bookshelf, catalog, and RxeFlow, a spin off of the old FSDFlow game list layout. Beyond that, users will be able to create their own layouts and share them. Brand New Menu System The new menu system is 100% dynamic, 100% configurable. You want your menu to consist of 1 icon that leads to Xbox 360 Games, then go for it. You want your most recent game to be the default selection, then go for it. The possibilities are endless with the new menu system. Rip DVD To GOD (Game On Demand) Not only can you rip your games from DVD as an extracted package, you can also rip your games straight to GOD if you want to have access to them NXE as well. Faster File Transfers The file...
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JTAG Content Manager v1.5

Xamphear released JTAG Content Manager 1.5: What This App Does: * Browse 360 files on your PC by their real info, like game name and package title. * Upload files (XBLA, DLC, GOD, Avatar, Title Update) to your console over FTP with a single click. Files are automatically uploaded to the right folders. * Drag and drop files to other applications, if you'd prefer to use your own FTP client. * Organize a messy folder of downloaded content into 1 of 4 different directory styles. Restore the original filenames for XBLA and DLC files. * View the MediaID of Title Updates and GODs so you can match them, and search JQE and XBUC for matching TUs. * View the MediaID of ISO files. (Requires abgx360) What's new/fixed: Size column on upload screen. Fixed size labels on upload screen, all sizes listed in MB now. Fixed bug in abgx360 detection. Fixed bug that caused error messages when selecting files and uploading in some regions. More accurate speed during uploads. Time remaining and progress percentage added to window title and tray icon. Other bug fixes. Official Site: n/a, by Xamphear Download:...
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ECC Glitch Generator v1.1

BestPig released a new version of ECC Glitch Generator – a GUI tool that will easily generate an ECC file for the Xbox 360 reset glitch hack based on a dump of your NAND. What's new/fixed: * This update adds the 1BL key, without this key it's possible it didn't work on FAT 360s. * Will now also create an SMC file. Official Site/Download: (the software has English...
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JungleFlasher v0.1.87 (277)

As always with a new C4E iXtreme release, Team Jungle comes with a new version of JungleFlasher to add full support for the new firmwares. What's new/fixed: * Support for LT Plus 1.92 -Lite-on Slim 0272, 0225, 0225u, 0401 and now 1071 * Slim UnLock -Enhanced support for Sputnik MXIC unlock Methods. -Support for Geremia's Winbond unlock method, aka Kamikaze * SlimKey -improved SlimKey support for rare slim f/w's Official Site: Download:...
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C4E's iXtreme LT+ 1.92 CFW

C4E released the iXtreme LT+ v1.92 CFW for SLIM DG-16D4S drives in association with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter:  Official release of the iXtreme LT+ v1.92 * Better support for rare fw dumps * Further optimisation of rootkit * Support for DG-16D4S 1071  Official Site: C4Eva,, Download: n/a Thanks go to Team Jungle for their hard work and efforts in the development process Thanks also go to Team Xecuter for their support to this...
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DosFlash v2.0 Build 20110903

Kai Schtrom released a new version of DosFlash – a PC tool to flash your drive via DOS. What's new/fixed: * Key extraction task "LiteOn Key V3 (Tarablinda)" now supports the Slim firmware versions 9504, 0272, 0225, 0401, 1071 and also tries to discover the key on unknown firmware versions. * 2 new tasks added named "Lock SPI Flash" and "Unlock SPI Flash". The new unlock SPI flash task is used in combination with Geremia's MXIC and Winbond Unlock method. It is very much influenced by Geremia's unlockSPI program, which was the first bruter to unlock Winbond SPI flashes. To relock the flash after you have finished writing a patched firmware to it, use the lock SPI flash task. This will instantly make the SPI flash write protected for all blocks. BP0, BP1 and SRP status bits are activated afterward, so handle this function with care! * Read Flash task now can create a full firmware dump of the Slim firmware versions 9504, 0272, 0225, 0401 and 1071. To create full firmware dumps of 0225 drives and above you should get a compatible SATA2 controller and set it to IDE mode. In addition you should be able to do Geremia's MXIC or Winbond unlock method. The compatible SATA2 controller is needed to unlock the MTK. Any installed drivers should be uninstalled, because they will switch the controller back to AHCI mode. In combination with the SPI flash status register unlock you are able to write to the firmware and inject Geremia's 8051 trojan, which can then dump the complete firmware. A risk level is added to show you how risky it is for your individual flash chip and firmware combination to write the patched firmware to obtain a full dump. * Possibility during "Read Flash" task to write firmware sector 3E of Slim drives with unknown firmware version This...
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