Posted by Scene News on Jul 8, 2010

360 Flash Dump Tool v0.95

MODFREAKz released a new version of 360 Flash Dump Tool, an application that will allow you to decrypt/encrypt and extract various parts of a XBOX360 flash dump and much more!

What's new/fixed:
* Added support for Trinity (XBOX360 Slim) dumps
* Added ability to extract new 'fcrt.bin' file (encrypted only atm)
* Added ability to display SMC Code Version
* Added ability to view Advanced KeyVault Info
* Fixed bug, patching KeyVault works again
* Fixed bug, no longer crashes if Bootloaders are small in size (in rare cases)
* Fixed bug, regarding to re-encrypting the SMC when the image is Zero Paired Image

Official Site: n/a, by MODFREAKz
Download: here