Posted by Scene News on Dec 6, 2009

Bad Block Remapper for full 16mb ZeroPaired nand image

Redline99 released a small tool to remap bad blocks in an XBReboot image to match with your NAND chip, this could solve issues some people had trying to make XBReboot work:

This is a small tool that will remap bad blocks in a full 16mb "zeropaired" (xbreboot) nand image. It looks at the original Microsoft backup (that you should have) and figures out from the spare area the remapped bad blocks. You can also enter the block id's into the textbox. It does not modify the original MS image, but it does modify the zeropaired image. Run the app only one time, be sure to make a backup beforhand.

This app has had ZERO testing, If anything comes up I'll try and fix it, but I need some feedback.

This is only for 16mb images, non jasper

Official Site: By Redline99 on XBH
Download: here (untested)

Original Source: Xbox-Scene