Posted by Scene News on Oct 18, 2011

C4Eva Samsung iXtreme LTplus v2.01 in Progress and PC DVD Burner FW Drive Models

C4eva announced he's working on a fix for the Samsung TS-H943 iXtreme LTplus (v2.01), the CFW is current 'In Progress':

Samsung TS-H943 LT v2.01 IN PROGRESS: XGD3 big disc fix

He also announced the 6 PC DVD-drive models that will work with the upcoming 'PC DVD Burner FW' alias "iXtreme Burner Max FW" that will allow burning 100% of an XGD3 ISO to regular DVD+R DL discs. The FW is finished and is currently 'In Testing':

c4eva: Final burner fw set complete, final testing underway. increased burning speed of xgd3 to 4x on Verbatim mkm003, must enable OPC in imgburn (thanks Defosho)

c4eva: The following drives have been tested for ixtreme burner max firmware:
c4eva: Liteon iHAS124B = baseline model
c4eva: Liteon iHAS224B = 124 + LightScribe
c4eva: Liteon iHAS324B = 124 + SmartErase
c4eva: Liteon iHAS424B = 124 + LightScribe + SmartErase (or = 224 + SmartErase)
c4eva: Liteon iHAS524B = 124 + LabelTag + SmartErase
c4eva: Liteon iHAS624B = 124 + LabelTag + LightScribe + SmartErase (or = 524 + LightScribe)

c4eva: how can you know if its a or b? last char of drive model
c4eva: A is NEC chipset=bad

c4eva: verbatim mkm001 are supported at 2.4x, verbatim mkm003 are supported
c4eva: burner max fw doesn't force you to use verbatim media for xgd3 but they are the only ones that verify error free so far

You can buy the Liteon iHAS124-B Model at many stores including one of our resellers XCONSOLES.COM who have it on sale at $19.99


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