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Xecuter CK3 Lite


Xecuter CK3 Lite

Xecuter CK3 Lite


Team Xecuter developed the first ever Xbox 360 connectivity Kit back in 2006 and now we present the 3rd generation. The CK3 Lite is an Xbox 360 DVD drive adapter that enables you to connect ANY model to your PC and to repair / upgrade the firmware. It also has the advantage of being able to connect your Xbox 360 DVD to your PC without having the fuss of moving all your equipment across rooms and dragging around that huge 360 power supply! As part of the CK3, advanced features such as a modeb debug mode which allows early Hitachi DVD drives to be recognized in Windows/Linux without any special firmware or other hacks, RS232 support to enable the extraction of the drive key from the Liteon 74850C DVD Drive , built in power switch to be able to switch to vendor (programming) mode in Jungle Flasher (or other preferred apps) and an on-board eject switch. Comes complete with an RS232 serial cable.  The perfect Xbox 360 DVD repair / upgrade adapter for those on a budget.

Supports ALL versions of Hitachi, Samsung, Benq and Liteon*

Feature List:

  • Onboard RS232 Support (Liteon 74850C DVD Key Dump)
  • Compatible with all tools such as: JungleFlasher/ iPrep / dvdkey / dvdkey32 / firmware toolbox / Mode_B etc)
  • Powers ALL XBOX 360 DVD Drives
  • Mode-B on Hitachi 59 & Earlier (Hitachi 78/79 Mode-B via Jungle Flasher)
  • 100% Compatible with all flashing tools inc Jungle Flasher
  • Onboard ON/OFF Switch (Perfect For Enabling Vendor Mode)
  • Self-Resetting PPTC Fuses To Prevent Damage If You Plug In The Power Cable Incorrectly
  • Onboard Eject Switch
  • Includes RS232 Serial Cable
  • High Build Quality
  • Trusted Xecuter Design


  • Windows PC (XP/VISTA/7 32 Bit)
  • Compatible SATA Card (recommend VIA 6421)
  • Jungle Flasher Software or preferred apps.
  • RS232 Serial Port
  • Good Quality Molex Power Supply

Liteon Info*

If you have a NEWER Liteon 83850C V2 (August 2009+) or 93450C then you will need an Xecuter CK3 Probe v2 or the Xecuter LT Switch to read the drive key. (The pre August 2009 Liteon 83850C DVD key can be extracted using SATA – the Serial Cable is NOT required.



DO NOT use the CK3 Probe v1 on a Liteon 83850C or 93450C DVD Drive – You must use the CK3 Probe v2. You may cause damage to your Xbox Drive and CK3 Lite and you will void your warranty and will not be able to get a replacement.

CK3 Lite
CK3 Pro
Blaster CK3
Onboard USB Support (Liteon 74850 Key Dump)
Onboard RS232 Serial Support (Liteon 74850 Key Dump)
Powers ALL Xbox 360 Drives
Power Switch For Vendor Mode
Yes: Use 360 Power Button
Eject Switch
Modeb Debug Switch
JungleFlasher Support
USB Cable
RS232 Serial Cable
SATA Cable
Xbox 360 Hard Drive Adapter
360 Case Unlock Tool
Program Firmware Direct To Xbox (One Time Install)
CK3 Probe v1 Included
CK3 Probe v2 Compatible
LT Clip / LT Switch v2 Compatible

NOTE: This product is a power supply. It does not enable any kind of piracy or have any code whatsoever. DO NOT use this product if you are looking to perform any illegal activity. This product is designed so that you can easily get your DVD drive key so that you can replace a damaged DVD Rom drive with a new one if it is out of warranty.

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