Posted by Scene News on Nov 27, 2014

CR4 XL – The Reviews Are In

We will let the users do the talking…..

CR4 XL is the perfect solution, only 5 wires, only 1 post this CR4XL is balls quick! Definately worth the wait. My only critcism is that there is no challenge. So if you are looking for a challenge, maybe this isn't the chip for you – Taijigamer2

Falcons on RGH2+ work just fine I have already done two Falcons with RGH2+ and got them down to instaboots consistently! – ChaseResolute

Received my 1st CR4 XL today and just finished installing it and well what can i say instaboot. I used the v3 QSB and the v3 post QSB. One pulse and up to dash, awesome – tomma66

Well straight out of the box this console booted straight up with just all the standard settings, without any messing i would say pretty damn impressive. Jeez this is easy, no messing about much here !!!! Played with caps to get more consistancy and have settled on a 22pf and all is great, very impressed with CR4 – Utmad

Fantastic very easy to install and perfect the boot times on Corona 1,1,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,1,1 – daman10

This is by far the best chip on the market i needed no tweeking to get a near on instaboot 100% of the time r-jtag+ cr4 xl jasper. this is the chip i know i will be using for all of my future installs – scott1503

This console has had several diff chips (CR3, RGX, Proto v2, Sqt 2.0) in it because I was trying to find something that Would boot fast and consistent. I spent alot of time tuning the different chips and it would boot great one time and the next would be awful. I finally put the RGX back into it and was just going to deal with it because it seemed to boot the best. But then TX announced the CR4. This chip is Amazing & Boots Fast, if you have a stubborn console this is the one to get. Thx TX!! Rater Results: 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1,1, 2, 1 – morinzo

This thing is f***in awesome and I dont wanna give this box back to the customer. THIS is how a Rjtag+ install should boot when you are done. It's the titties – XDK

Ok the history of this console is a ruff one. It has always been an extremly stubborn corona. Its had a cr3, rgx, and a proto in it at one time and although it booted nicely with a ton of tweaking its booting was pretty speratic. At times it would glitch really well and then out of nowhere it would be off the wall. Until i put a cr4 in it of course 😀 Im getting all 1s 99% of the time and a 2 very rarely. It really is crazy how good this chip is. Nice work TX! – jligg

Update to previous review: So i got bored and decided to spend some time tweaking to really see what this thing can do. I moved the postbit jumper to the center and changed to a 10pf cap..I have been booting it constantly for 2 days and all instant glitch..couldnt get a 2 if i tried! Amazing chip this is – jligg

I am very impressed with the performance of the CR4. This console doesn't have the best boot times right now but I am pretty sure if I stop being such a lazy ass I can get instant boots out of it – steveo1978

After so much trouble with the Trinity…finally a success install…awesome products from TEAM X…woOt woOt… – butowood

By far the easiest install of all the high end glitch mods xecuter has come up guys should be very proud of this was def worth the loooong wait! have done 2 trinitys so far today,both with excellent results. I may even make this the only chip i offer to install anymore. It's really too universal not to right? pretty much just used basic settings, really felt no need to rater it, as it boots 1-2 cycles (1 more often than 2). rater? wtf needs that? – nofeloniesyet

I have not fine tuned this at all yet. I will hook up rater tomorrow to test more. But for a RGH2+ Falcon I am pretty happy with the results. It's 1 -2 glitch's everytime – metalfan

This was by far the easiest console I have ever done. The only thing I changed from the original guide was the postbit jumper. I get instant boots nearly 90% of the time and sometimes 2 glitches. The CR4 kicks ass! – NateMods

I finally got my CR4 and installed it in a 4GB Corona V2. It boots in 1-2 cycles. Thank you TX for a great chip, it certainly doesn't disappoint! – jdoe91011

I had to use 1,8 and I'm getting 1,1,1,1,2 rater times. So far really liking this new CR4 – kordris

This thing (cr4 xl) should be called CR FLASH. Because its the fastest thing alive!Its fast all around. fast and easy to install and fast glitching! A++ to everybody involved. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! – playingmax

Didn't want to mess with the ppl bypass, so decided to do a rgh2+ install – Jasper 512Mb INSTABOOT !! – lenselijer

Demon install was really straightforward and the cr4 xl works out of the box, this was the first console i have ever RGH'd and i have to thank mr johnny guns for his tutorials – ins0mniac

So far this console is booting up on the FIRST GLITCH EVERY TIME. I have not used rater, as I see no need to tune this any further. It just doesn't get any better than this! – Game_Over

This system Performed terribly even with CR3 Pro and hours to tweaking so we waited for the CR4. Wow was it worth the wait 95% 1st Glitch 5% 2nd – Dracothic

This is my first install and very happy with the chip. Instant boot times, tested with Rater. QSB is also very handy – lenselijer

It's not just that it's the fastest out there, it will boot stubborn hard to glitch consoles that no other device can, with absolute rock solid stability. We also haven't finished yet…..