Posted by Scene News on Dec 2, 2009

FindSecData v0.61

boby2pc released a new version of FindSecData, a tool to help you uncripple the HDD features on a banned Xbox 360 console. FindSecData will extract secdata.bin and filetable of NAND dump. It uses patch-latest secdata.bin method (not delete method).

What's new/fixed (since v0.4):
* added bypassing FF version records in filesystem (v0.41)
* more accurate timestamp – used for visual purposes only (v0.41)
* added parameter to show time part of timestamp in filetables (v0.42)
* added support for large blocks (v0.5)
* block rellocation support (v0.6)
* now for 256MB and 512MB Jaspers is only needed dump of 0x600 blocks:
nandpro lpt: -r256 raw.bin AE0 600
or nandpro lpt: -r512 raw.bin AE0 600
so only about 1h dumping (v0.6)
* protection to use large block controller with small 24MB dump (v0.61)

Official Site: n/a, by boby2pc on XBH
Download: here

Original Source: Xbox-Scene