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    Piracy Policy - IMPORTANT !

    The Team Xecuter Support forum provides information about Xbox homebrew and repair projects. Due to the underground nature of this scene, there are no downloads or torrent links for any illegal software posted here. Any discussion about piracy is strictly banned and not tolerated in an way, no matter how innocent or naive your intentions are. As far as this community is concerned, you should own the original retail release of any game and if you use Xbox Live you must not in any way use any cheating mechanism.. Content producers deserve to be compensated, so if you don't own the original retail release, you have no right use that content in any capacity. This applies to every single member including forum staff, there are absolutely no exceptions. Be mindful that making backups of original content is legal in some countries and illegal in others. You should check your own countries laws before proceeding with any action. The forum administration do not have the resources to police every member, so we will presume that all members comply with the above. We will not accept any excuses and all breaches will receive a temporary ban, the length of time being at the administrations discretion. Any blatant contravention of the above will result in posts being removed and a permanent ban. Note: From time to time there may be a newsworthy item that involves some level of piracy such as games being leaked (such as the Gears of War Judgement leak in late Febuary 2013). This is not advocating or condoning piracy. This is simply reporting on a story that involves the Games Scene in general. These reports will be at the administrations discretion and will be posted in the Xbox 360 Game News section or Xbox 360 Scene News section.