View Full Version : Do I need a Male to Male Molex cable?

29th March 11, 03:18
Hey guys! I meant male to female but I have just ordered the 360pro. I have ck3 pro and CK3 probe already. I also have the molex power adapter to wall as well. Now what I'm confused is what molex cable do I need that runs from the CK3 pro to the molex adapter. Im assuming its a male to female correct? Ive searched a lot haven't found a definite answer. A link or a yes or no would be awesome! :D

29th March 11, 03:39
the molex connector on the ck3 pro is a male end. but if you have a molex wall adapter there should be female end on it

29th March 11, 03:47
Wow missed that! Duh! Thank you for the reply :)

29th March 11, 04:20
your welcome! glad everything worked out