View Full Version : Spoofing a Hitachi 3120 to a BenQ?

4th April 11, 21:50
Hey guys so I received the open tray error and I am going to order an new DVD drive. Should I order another Hitachi or replace it with a BenQ? Ive read that if you swap with a different drive there's a higher risk of being banned or even just spoofing another Hitachi can be detected? Can someone supply some help? :)

4th April 11, 21:52
order another hitachi. its highly recommended not to spoof on xbl

4th April 11, 22:39
Ok so I will go ahead and purchase another Hitachi drive. So even though it the exact same drive it can still be detected that it has been "spoofed'?

4th April 11, 22:50
No you'll be fine. Any model hitachi will do it. Just unhook all the cables on the circuit boards and swap them over mate so your old key is now on the new drive and you're good to go..

4th April 11, 23:26
O really? So I don't even have to swap keys and deal with flashing. I can just take out the circuit board from the bad dvd drive and put it in the DVD drive?

4th April 11, 23:58
thats right

5th April 11, 00:52
Yep as xbox 360 mod said. Sorry for delay getting back to you had stuff to do.. Just swap boards it's prob the quickest and easiest method too..

5th April 11, 04:31
Thanks you both for the help! :)

5th April 11, 04:33
No problems.. Just ask on here if you get stuck when you're swapping the pcb's and need any assistance..

8th April 11, 23:08
Hey Guys so I got my drive in the mail today Hitachi
GDR 3120L Rom V 0032CE. I swapped the my old PCB board from my other Hitachi 3120L Rom V 0079FL. Its workd perfect but the trouble I'm having is putting the drive panels back on. It looks like the PCB board is to lonf and the end of the panels are closing on top of the board not allowing it too shut all the way it's uneven. And it there's no room to really move the PCB board at all.