View Full Version : ANSWERED Sammy ms25 will not get in Vendor mode

21st April 11, 23:32
Win 7 on HP laptop, USB drivers installed and listed under device manger
USB Pro (v.18 firmware), USB Pro dipswitch in off position
Using JF 0.1.82 Beta
CK3 powering drive and switched to USB
USB only ticked on JF
Port I/O LED is Red and Power (green) is on when JF is opened
Have Orig firmware

Has been flashed previously but don't know version, not LT though
Tried Intro and Sammy unlock and did the power cycling with tray halfway open. Really stubborn drive.

I think someone mentioned on here you need to follow ms28 procedure since it is already flashed.

Any suggestions?

22nd April 11, 00:10
you need to follow ms28 <--- correct

jungleflasher manual should also state this