View Full Version : LITEON 9504 Can't have the 0x00 status with TX replacement PCB

6th August 11, 11:42
Hi everybody,

I have a big problem. I try to flash my 0272 drive with the LT+ 1.91 fw. I'm in dash 13599, and my PCB is a TX replacement PCB in order to be able to lock/unlock, so I should be good.

But, problem... I switch to WP=1 as I have to, but when I press Intro/Device ID button, I have vendor mode but status is 0x8C, so PCB locked. It's a TX unlocked PCB, what's up ?

Can you help me ?

PS : the PCB is flashed with LT+ 1.9

6th August 11, 11:54
So... Too simple...

Just click the 0x8C button and it will send the unlock command.

Thanks BraveH43 :)