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20th August 11, 14:43
I've not flashed a 360 drive since the first few years of the samsung and hitachi dvd drive modding days. I've just had my 0225 slim 360 fitted with a custom pcb and LT+ 1.91 but the guy who did is moving away so i've just brought the 360usb pro and a 12V DC 4-pin molex external power supply adapter. I forgot when i ordered them items that i need somthing to go betwe but can i use this to go between the drive and the power supply adapter.


20th August 11, 15:28
it looks like a ck3 lite, so yes you should be able to do this with that device.

20th August 11, 17:11
yes it will work

20th August 11, 19:00
Rhanks for the replys.

20th August 11, 19:31
good luck and follow the tutorial on the forum :)

20th August 11, 21:18
thanks its all new to me, this is more for future updates as my 0225 is flashed and up to date, Just need to learn as the guy who did mine won't be around from now so its up to me to get knuckled down and get some tutorials read.

I've been looking at the ck3 lite and its different than mine, does this matter as i think mine is was boxed as the executer connectivity kit.

ck3 lite


Executer Connectivity Kit That I Have


20th August 11, 23:38
Yes that will be fine for flashing your drive ;)

21st August 11, 07:21
It's about the same. That's vintage xecuter right there. I had one too. I loved that thing then something happen and a trace blew up :facepalm:

21st August 11, 09:31
Can't remeber what the 2 buttons are, think one is power but not sure.