View Full Version : X360USB PRO Possible dumb question within...

13th September 11, 20:08
Hey sorry if this is a dumb question but here it goes...

I have an e73 xbox that I am sick of trying to fix so I am turning it into a dedicated ripping xbox. My question is if I run a female to male sata cable out the back of the xbox would it still work with the x360usb? Just wondering if the x360usb would work with the extra connections. I've heard of it not liking sata cables that are too long and this seems like something it might not like. Want to know so I don't flush money down the toilet.

Thanks for any info.

13th September 11, 20:12
How are you thinking of powering the drive?

There have been reports that switching on console without SATA connected can cause a potential BAN!!!!

13th September 11, 20:15
The xbox has had e73 error for about a year. I try to fix it but it lasts a week tops. I have a new elite with a blaster now so I just want to turn the e73 box into a game ripping xbox.