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29th September 11, 05:15
Ive been trying to figure out how to get my computer to acknowledge my benq drive so i can create game backups when i have it connected through x360usb pro with the ck3 pro rev d.. i made sure all my drivers for the x360usb pro were installed correctly and i have my drive flashed with lt 1.91.. ive tried connecting it to a different pc and also downloaded multiple programs (xbc, clonedvd, etc..) and still it couldnt find my drive.. i then pulled out my liteon 0225 drive to see if it could find it but still no luck.. i have the latest versions of jungleflasher(1.87), the latest firmwares, and all the latest versions of xbc and tried on both win 7 32bit and 64bit.. im at a stand still and cant seem to find a solution.. plz, need help somebody

29th September 11, 05:28
If you want to create your own backups then you need to put 0800 firmware on your benq so windows can show it as a cd drive other wise jungleflasher will only recognize it.

29th September 11, 05:40
ok, i was thinkin that at one point but when i went to flash 0800, jungleflasher popped up with a warning tellin me not too.. so basically ignore the warning, and flash 0800.. flashing now, hopefully this solves it.. i figured i was overlookin somethin simple.. thanks and i appreciate the fast response..

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i havent been doin this very long so i guess im jus bein really cautious.. thanks again

29th September 11, 05:48
no prob and dont forget to thank people in the forum

29th September 11, 05:50
yea... i thanked ya man

2nd October 11, 05:06
Just make sure you always have your OFW that way you cover your arse in case you fook up.