View Full Version : BENQ Which original firmware?

Dodgy Bob
29th September 11, 09:49

Trying to flash back to stock to upgrade dash. Got the firmware RAR but there are quite a few in there for a Benq. How do I know which one I should use?

I have searched this and other forums but can't find the answer.



29th September 11, 09:53
firstly depends which dashboard you are pre 13146 or post 13146

29th September 11, 10:20
also - when u get the key in JF - it will say drive key @ A020 *******KEY********

I used A020 as an example - but this will tell u which to use - to save any confusion though, just load all the firmware into the firmware folder after checking your dash

Dodgy Bob
29th September 11, 10:44
If I remember rightly it's post (the one with a few firmwares in, the other only has 1) but I'm at work at the moment so can't check.

29th September 11, 11:35
actually it's the pre dash is the one with the different ones in.....just load them all into the JF firmware folder, and it will auto select the correct one for u