View Full Version : X360USB PRO Scared

29th September 11, 18:46
So it's back in stock im about to buy it but im scared i will open the xbox and brake it or get the firmware and write it wrong is hard to open and xbox and put it back and easy to mess the firmware?

29th September 11, 18:58
if your too scared let someone else do it for you no ? your talking about what ? flash, jtag , RGH

29th September 11, 19:00
where r u?

29th September 11, 19:06
im in the uk and i got a local guy charging me 20 to flash then like 15 for update btw 20=$32 ish anyways and i need 2.0 and might aswell flash for others but what else do i need in this combo


molex and thats it?

29th September 11, 19:08
i use one of these to power the ck3pro


29th September 11, 19:08
Dont know where you are but I flash and am based just outside ashington northumberland (north east) not far from newcastle

29th September 11, 19:10
ok ill get that molex so should i go for it?

29th September 11, 19:19
ok ill get that molex so should i go for it?

it's upto you,but you save pounds in the long run.if you get charge that much each time.

ck3.co.uk have none of them molex in stock

these have the same bundle


may as well get from same place save on shipping cost:rolleyes2:

29th September 11, 19:21
forget it actually i will just sell my beats as long as i can still make my own cheap back ups why not pay lol?

29th September 11, 22:03
Sorry plz delete

29th September 11, 22:14
where in the uk are you mate

30th September 11, 01:30
if you can read, you can flash.

30th September 11, 01:46
if you can read, you can flash.
that's a but harsh there pal just because you Dan read though jf tut etc doesn't mean you will be confident enough to flash, some are good at techie stuff and some aren't.. To op if you don't feel confident in doing it its Better to get it done by a pro,