View Full Version : X360USB PRO Red and green lights flashing and windows not detecting it

Welsh Ash
3rd October 11, 01:08
I think my x360usb might be broken. It isnt picking up it and i have all the right drivers installed etc...

Help? Is it broken?

3rd October 11, 01:10
Try and post some pics of your device manager status,
You could check what position the switch it is on and if possible try a different hub or pc..

3rd October 11, 03:05
Ive found if it goes nuts sometimes unplugging and replugging it in to the usb takes care of it. Other times reset will do the trick also. Other then that if it isn't picking up right, like piromaniac said, check to see what position the switch is in, could have been knocked into update position.

3rd October 11, 21:06
reset and / or reflash the fw

4th October 11, 04:52
reset and / or reflash the fw

This is a great thing to remember and always should be preformed before posting.Almost all problems with the x360usb pro can be solved this simple rule!:)

4th October 11, 05:02
I had a problem with mine going in and out on windows like it had a short. I would have to wiggle the usb cable a little to get it just right and I was getting the flashing red and green lights. Long story short; one of the pins on the usb connection was bend and I just repositioned it and hoila!!:D

4th October 11, 05:03
You could try the AUX power cable that comes packaged with the X360USB Pro?

26th May 12, 13:01
i have a very weird problem with this usb pro v1 device. it keeps losing its firmware but re-flashing it can always solve the problem. if you don't use it for a few days or simply left it on the PC's usb port over night, it'll be detected as an unknown usb device and it will need a re-flashing again. very annoying.