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23rd August 12, 04:15
I plugged my NAND and CPU key into JRunner.
JRunner said this once I put my CPU key in..:

Initializing Nand..
Header is wrong..
CpuKey is Correct
Key already Exists

I don't want to continue until I know what this means.

23rd August 12, 04:17
means your header is wrong, where is your original image

23rd August 12, 04:18
Whats the header? I have my original image.

23rd August 12, 04:19
the header of the nand/image
2004-2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved blah blah blah

23rd August 12, 04:20
What do I do to fix that?

23rd August 12, 04:21
use your original image, this one isnt your original
my bet is that you read the image again after you wrote the .ecc image and you're using that

23rd August 12, 04:23
Can I unsolder the CR 3v3 and re read to get a correct dump?

23rd August 12, 04:38
What happened to your original nand dumps

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23rd August 12, 04:46
Can I unsolder the CR 3v3 and re read to get a correct dump?

No, the CR does not contain the NAND image. If you wrote yoru ecc image, then your onboard nand contains it. You need the original nand you read to create the ecc. If you do not have this, or you wrote over it, you will have to build a nand from a donor.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Do you have the original nand you used to create the ecc?

23rd August 12, 05:03
I thought I did. But I guess not. I found an old dump that had no bad blocks. Ill just use that. Thanks.