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X360USB PRO V2 Drivers

Uploaded by Ubergeek - 25th April 12
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Drivers required for the newly launched X360USB PRO V2

If you have any problems installing the X360USB PRO 2 drivers, this is how to fix.

The X360USB PRO 2 has two sets of drivers, one for the CK3i Drive power controller and the other for the X360USB PRO USB Data Controller

Open dm.jpg to see what correctly installed drivers look like in device manager

if you have a problem with one of the drivers (usually a yellow exclamation mark next to the device name) simply right click and uninstall it then manually delete the files attributed to the device that you uninstalled. These files are shown in ck3i_driver_details.jpg and x360usb_driver_details.jpg

This sometimes happens if you had older versions of CK3 or X360USB previously installed

For help and support please use the Xecuter support forums www.team-xecuter.com/forums


  • X360USB PRO V2 Drivers
  • X360USB PRO V2 Drivers
  • X360USB PRO V2 Drivers
  • X360USB PRO V2 Drivers


25th May 12 at 02:50
Are there any 64 bit drivers for this? I cannot get mine to work.
7th June 12 at 20:42
Any 64 bit drivers? I can't install the drivers on my system. Windows 7 x64 bit
5th September 12 at 01:55
This is the actual site, its has all the guides and downloads. The link is for windows 7. I have a x64 windows 7 OS and it installed just fine.

26th December 12 at 07:53
Ok please forgive me if im posting something stupid here but ill admit im a newb to all of this i have the x360usb pro2 and ive followed all of the instructions to the best of my ability and the thing still dosent work i have win7 64 the drivers say win 63 nothing is highlighted like there not right i have two green lights on one says winap the other is power also it dosent show the drive under my computer what am i doing wrong please help
18th January 13 at 01:44
I plugged in my x360usb v2 and it automatically installed the drivers with no conflicts. But it didnt install the ports ck3i drivers just the Libusb... is this normal? I dont have a ck3i driver, i was told wouldnt need one since the v2 had the eject etc built in. Is that correct?
20th January 13 at 19:59
Hello. When will the upgrade for liteon 16D5s, FW 1175?
To extract the dvd key
9th February 13 at 12:31
How To Flash A Philips Lite-On Drive Model DG-16D5S Version 1532 can you please make a video. I buy everything from a week ago and still I can not play with my xbox 360 slim.... I'll be waiting please reply me! I DON'T KNOW HOW To extract the dvd key FOR my drive
5th April 13 at 00:54
Just wondering if we can expect any Windows 8 drivers. I dual boot at the moment but would like to get rid of Win7.
27th June 13 at 18:59
Thank you team xecuter !! always the best, always !!
23rd November 13 at 20:03
5th January 14 at 18:52
Thank you it is working on Windows 7 x64 Bit.

Do you Update it for Xbox One Drive Support ?
15th March 14 at 23:05
thanks. the drivers are working just fine on my windows 7 x64bit

2nd July 14 at 04:34
Hey im also wanting the 64 bit drivers. Please can you show me how to work it on 64bit OS's?
31st July 14 at 22:10
Hola. Yo también estoy esperando por fvor los drivers para Windows 8 x64. Muchas gracias. Salu2
15th November 14 at 15:48
Driver issue please if anyone can provide the drivers this is what i get