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    my OB SATA dont detect on JF

    i have an nforce 4 MCP61 OB chipset
    ive tryd to install the via-raid 590a[i got win7 64bit] driver package
    and it says that "the stuep wizard cant find the supported hardwere in youer system......... please press ok to terminate to steup wizard"

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    Re: my OB SATA dont detect on JF

    You need to get a via 6412 sata card or better yet a X360USB pro. Most on board SATA connections do not work. Plus only the USB Pro can read slims
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    Re: my OB SATA dont detect on JF

    X360USB PRO is the way to go now, specially as said, if youre working with slim drives. I used to use via chipset integrated on MOBO. I purchased X360USB and now is much more fast and easy to do it.

    I would like it served to powering the drive as well, via double USB source power. It still is a bit messing to rely on external power source, conectivity kit.




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