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    phillips lite-on DG-16D2S firmware hack

    if there is any firmware hack for lite-on DG-16D2S. please update this topic or send me a mail

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    Re: phillips lite-on DG-16D2S firmware hack

    there isnt a firmware hack for this drive nor will there be one. this drive doesnt have a writable rom, only a readable rom. you will have read the the key and spoof a non liteon drive to use in your 360.

    here is the short version

    Geremia's Lite-On drive toolkit is avalible in the usual places.
    DVD key grabber for Benq and Lite-on
    It receives DVDkey from drive serial port and save to file, you need a LVTTL-RS232 converter (max3232) between COM1 (embedded COM1 on motherboard, 0x3F8 IRQ4) and TX RX pins on drive power cable (for liteon the trace to powercable are cut, need a little soldering).
    It also saves identify.bin and inquiry.bin, for the spoof lovers.

    This "unlocks" also Benq to accept MTK vendor ATA cmds (dosflash etc...), not for liteon

    You must power on PC without sata cable connected to drive.
    You must poweron the drive with tray half opened and eject switch in open state.
    You must power off an on again the drive each time you run the app.

    For rs232 troubleshuting, consider that Liteon by default outputs an endless stream of 0x00 and 0x01 at 115200 8N1, you should see it with Realterm with display set to hex
    As always, us at your own risk
    Thanks and respect to Tiros, Schtrom, TMF, Redline99, c4eva,Geremia,

    ty havok

    the long detailed tutorial



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