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    Arrow 2.3b Pro problem

    Some1 asked me to look at his xbox i chipped like a long time ago.

    When he turns on the xbox with the chip enabled it sometime works but sometimes it tunrs on - off - on - off - on and stay on but with a black screen. I wait a little or move it or whatever ... and it works again.

    When i set the switch off to start without the chip it always works and loads the standard xboxdash.

    I checked the solderpoints and they look fine. The d0 is 100% fine, checked it with a volt meter.

    There is one thing, the x2.3b pro has a light in the front and that's broken because it bumped against somthing in the trunk of his car. Don't know if the switches could be giving this problem. Anyway, the swicthes are set like they should be.

    So... I don't really know how to fix it... any1? Thx.



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