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    Unhappy DFI LANPARTY MOBO and XBOX flashing

    Guys I am trying to use my pc to flash my xbox cd firmware, the drive is the samsung ms28.

    I am aware that the sli3114 chipset that comes with this board is not comptable with xtremeboot maker. So I have purchased a VIA VT6421 and installed this in my PCI slot and have installed the drivers.

    Booting into XP shows the addition and xtremboot maker sees the addition, however went I boot up using my bootable USB pen made by xtreme; the software keeps telling me that it can't see any drives. I suspect that I need to alter something in the bios or possable even ugrade the bios i am on ver6..

    It seems as though when it boots up it not seeing th sata drive any help appreciated.



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