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    Exclamation 360 ROD Repair Kit

    Greetings to our old friends and colleagues and a Happy New Year

    It has been an awful long time since we have shown any activity in the scene and the break has been much needed after a solid 6 years working at the top level.

    It's really great to see a thriving 360 community although our wish is still to have a fully working homebrew solution on RETAIL machines in 2008. We have friends in the scene who have done some really amazing things with a 360 dev machine in the last year, hopefully that can be transferred to the retail unit this year. There are no sleeping dogs so who knows what will happen ?

    Anyway, I got my first 360 ROD brick over Christmas so instead of sending it back to M$ I took it apart to fix. I have come up with a very simple, very cheap and very effective quick-fix solution to most ROD problem machines. I have so far tested the method on 18 Xbox's and every one is still up and running (much to my surprise I might add - the older versions of this console are junk). It's Chinese New Year at the moment so as soon as we are all done i will get it packaged up and shipped out to the usual stockists. Hopefully it can work for you

    The kit will include both T10 and T8 screwdrivers and the prices are as follows (1 Kit Per Xbox 360):

    1 Kit $12.95 each
    10 Kits $11.95 each
    50 Kits $9.95 each
    100 Kits $8.95 each

    Contact your local stockist for more info.



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