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    Exclamation Dashboard patch includes unreported changes?


    The new Xbox 360 dashboard update released today seems to offer several small, under-the-hood improvements not mentioned in the official release. In addition to the official HDMI audio correction, we've discovered a few other apparent changes:

    * Some DVDs that wouldn't play without the hard drive attached now work! For example, Angel Season 3 Disc 1 would not load for us at all unless the hard drive was attached. Now it plays fine without.
    * Hit or miss: Navigating to Games Library seems much zippier in some situations, but can still take 10 seconds or more to load at other times. Seriously, it shouldn't take more than a second to access the same Arcade game you played last night, especially if you're offline!
    * This might not be new, but the contextual icons displayed on the dashboard for the A, B, X and Y. buttons flash when you press them, at least in some places. Maybe it was like that before - we can't compare now that we've updated, but we never noticed it before.
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