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    Flashing FAQ's


    Q: What does having "Hacked Firmware" let me do?
    A: All it does is modify your DVD drive's firmware to allow it to play burnt (backup) games. The newest version is iXtreme 1.61 (ixtreme LT coming soon)

    Q: What tutorial should I use?
    A: We have a section dedicated to finding the right tutorial for you! We have many different versions so you can pick the one that is appropriate for your drive.

    Q: Can I still play Xbox Live?

    A: Yes, but see Question below

    Q: Will I get banned from Xbox Live?
    A: There is always a chance you could get banned. It's the risk you take when you flash your 360 but the chances are very small.

    Q: What if I figure out they are banning, and flash my firmware back to the original before I go online?
    A: Let's say Microsoft has found a way to detect iXtreme 1.61. They would start collecting logs immediately looking for people that they detected, and flag the account. When the fall updates comes around, they would ban all those flagged accounts. Flashing it back would be futile, since they already have logs of you playing burnt games. This is all assuming that they found a way to detect it.

    Q: What if I only play backups offline, and legit games online?
    A: It doesn't matter. When you play the game, the 360 logs all the info. It would send the info to Microsoft as soon as you logged into Live.

    Q: Do I have to open my 360?
    A: Yes. There are tutorials here on site.

    Q: What do I need to do it?
    A: It depends on what kind of DVD drive you have. To find that out, you'll need to open your 360.
    Then purchase a CK3 pro or blaster Ck3 and get reading the tuts section.
    You may also need a compatible SATA port if yours isn't compatible.
    We strongly recommend a VIA 6421a PCI card.

    Q: Will it void my warranty?
    A: Yes. There is a warranty sticker on the front under the faceplate and another on the edge of the DVD drive lids. if they are torn/damaged the repair centre will reject your repair.

    Q: Can I still play original games?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Can I download updates for Games?
    A: Yes. Your burnt copy is an exact replica of the original.

    Q: Is it hard?
    A: If you can follow directions, then you shouldn't have any problems. It should take you like an hour your first time.

    Q: Can I mess up my 360 doing this?
    A: You have to try pretty hard to break it. For example, erasing the keys from your drive and not having them backed up. But once again, don't let this worry you. TAKE YOUR TIME AND READ THE GUIDES.

    Q: Should I buy this "Blaster 360" thing?
    A: If you plan on updating your drive it is a godsend.
    That said if you have more than one console buy a standard CK3 pro this will allow the updating of all your consoles but you will have to remove the drive first. (see traders or )

    Q: How often do I have to update my firmware to stay safe?
    A: Update every time an update is released, just to stay safe. I'm gonna estimate you will need to update maybe... 3 times a year? But once you do it a few times, it will be really easy.

    Q: How do I stay up to date with the latest updates?
    You're here now so keep up to date with us here @ team-xecuter on new products and new firmwares, make some new friends and help the people that started out just like you are now.

    Q: Where am I gonna get all the programs to flash it?
    A: We have a very comprehensive downloads section for you here on site.
    We have everything you need right here on site! everything else here

    Q: Can I flash my 360 using my Laptop?
    A: Yes and no.
    There are many threads discussing using laptops to flash a 360 it really depends on hardware.
    Use search to find the detailed threads.


    Q: How can I backup my own games?

    A: You'll need a Kreon flashed samsung DVD Drive (specific models only) Or you can use your 360's drive if flashed with ixtreme 1.6 or higher (This is the most recommended method as Kreon rips have proven to be unreliable and easier to detect on XBL). (see tuts section for ripping instructions.)

    Q: What kind of DVD's do I need to burn games?
    A: The Xbox 360 can ONLY read DVD+DL (Dual Layer) discs for games.
    You will also need a DVD+DL Burner, which is standard nowadays. The BEST discs to use are Verbatim however other brands such as Arita, Traxdata, Ritek and A-One are popular.

    Q: Where is a good place to download games?

    A:The answer to that question is PIRACY we dont condone piracy here so don't ask!

    Q: Now that my Xbox 360 is flashed, can I play games from other regions?
    A: No, xbox 360's are region locked from the motherboard, if you have a pal console you can only play pal games same for any region.

    Q: I downloaded a game, and now I have a bunch of .RAR files. Now what?
    A: Your gonna get banned from this site for even asking!

    Q: Ok, (after ripping my game) I have a .ISO and a .DVD file. What now?
    A: Open your .iso using ABGX360 and check the stealth of your game.
    Always keep your abgx up to date! (1.02 current)
    Go download IMG burn and right click your .dvd file and select burn using img burn.

    Q: Do I need to check my ISO's before I burn them?
    Yes just run them through ABGX360 as above.

    Q: What is ABGX anyways?
    A: ABGX is a tool written by Seacrest to check .ISO files. It is very simple to use. To keep it simple, it makes sure everything is right with the file you downloaded.

    Q: If a game is leaked early, can I play it or will I get banned?
    A: YES you will probably be banned!
    Don't do it not on live anyway.

    Q: I'm still scared of getting banned!
    A: When you flash your firmware you are taking the risk of being banned.
    If you dont like your chances then don't do it!


    If you have any questions you think should be covered, please post

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