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    flash 16meg nand with xell

    Please note this won't work on 128 and 256 meg versions.
    Before you start make sure you have two identical copys of your nand and run it through flashtool and degraded, before flashing anything to you box.

    you will need
    1 xbox360 that can be hacked (see to confirm
    2 a copy of gentoo live v2 disc
    3 a usb mouse and keyboard
    4 a copy of you xbr.bin (with your kv and config injected) on a usb stick with lflash.c

    1) boot up xell on rear port
    2) boot up off disc.
    3) in gentoo go to applications accessories terminal
    4) type sudo passwd (this will ask you for a new password and to verify it. this will give you admin level)
    5) now to mount the usb stick, use the rear usb port should have mouse and keyboard in the front two,
    Type (still in terminal) su
    this will ask you for you password you just entered then it asked me for another password, think of a bizzare combination of letters, then it'll ask you again to confirm. (don't know what its all about that bit) when you eventually get past that you should have command prompt and SU
    type cd Desktop/ (note the caps D on desktop)
    type mkdir flash to create a folder called flash
    type dmesg | grep -i "SCSI device"
    this then displays the usb capacity, note the (sda or sdb) should be sda if the usb is in the back.
    now type mount -t vfat -o uid=gentoo,gid=users /dev/sda1 /home/gentoo/Desktop/flash (note the sda1 part should match the same as your usb stick with a 1 at the end) (note 2 there is a space between sda1 and /home)
    6) you should now be able to change directory to the newly made flash folder, type cd flash
    7) we need to compile lflash.c for the first time we use it if you use it again you can skip the next step.
    8) type gcc lflash.c this will create an a.out file on the usb, then type chmod +x a.out this makes it execuable.
    9) type ./a.out backupfilename.bin xbr.bin this will create a back up of whatever is in nand at present then flash the xbr.bin to the nand.
    10) I had 10 or so illegal blocks at the end of the flash i think these are the spare ones.
    11) switch off if all has gone ok it should boot into hacked dash.

    Notes. linux is case sensitive use caps where i have. Don't moan and groan if this doesn't work for you, i'm not sure but i think the nand has to have no bad blocks in it for this to work.
    linux cd
    lflash;a=blob_plain;f=lflash/lflash.c;hb=HEAD right click save as rename to lflash.c (file is in rar at the bottom of this guide)

    It's very easy when you have done it once makes flashing about 5 minutes including loading linux.

    I had a problem with linux loading when i used a Samsung drive it just stopped and said something about find another way to boot or something so i put a drive from another machine (didn't swap keys or anything) and linux booted up.

    If/when and updated version of xbr comes out this might be an easy way of updating.

    If you flash only xell to your console (it's 50 blocks) then boot in to it and use this guide flashing should take 5-10 minutes in total, and this method seems to factor out most if not all write errors.
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    Re: flash 16meg nand with xell

    Great guide

    Have anymore for dumping keys from motherboard?
    Massive thanks to Xecuter and all staff, Im still on twitter @MrTeajunkie.

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    Re: flash 16meg nand with xell

    If you flash the latest xell (50 blocks) this boots and stops when it can't boot linux the last couple of lines show you your cpu key and dvd key.
    I'll knock a guide up in the next couple of days.

    Make sure you got a good back up before you flash anything to your console!!!!


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    Re: flash 16meg nand with xell

    This helped me soo much, thank you! I was stuck with XeLL on a nand that wouldn't read/write anymore via the Nand-X. This did the job, where all else failed. Lol I'm so happy this is over!

    Maybe you want to read my thread?

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    Re: flash 16meg nand with xell

    Good to hear will keep this in mind if I stumble upon any of these probelms!

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    Re: flash 16meg nand with xell

    Thank you SO MUCH! I thought my beloved JTAG was fried forever! Quite the feeling of satisfaction having pulled it off, too.



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