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    Exclamation XeXMenu v1.0

    Team XeDEV released their new homebrew Xbox360 dashboard with FTP support and more...

    You might be wondering why it's XeDEV who are releasing this.. Since some people left the team, they don't want to retain the "freexex" name anymore. Also changed the name to XeXmenu (this is because XeXLoader is now much more of a menu than just a loader). So enjoy the new stuff :

    What's news/fixed:

    - Gametitle extraction from NXEART if possible (toggle)
    - Games with more than just one XEX will show up multiple times
    * Embedded FTP Server to transfer your stuff directly from your computer
    - Use xbox:[email protected]:21
    * Use FTP to read/write/delete your onboard flash
    - Only user flash/flash is able to do that!
    * Support for all found XEX files. Not just default.xex (toggle)
    * Shows the content of any GAMES folder on any device
    - Use GAMES, APPLICATIONS, EMULATORS for auto discovery menu on each device
    * Switch between games/apps/emus in the discovery menu using RB/LB
    * Auto scale skins for most resolutions (toggle)
    * Different help screens for each menu
    * Use DPad to switch between devices while browsing files
    * Xbox1 compatibility partition support (if exists)
    - Xbox1 partition known as "HddX"
    * Alphanumeric listing for files
    * No more XEX auto patching when copying DVDs
    * Manual XEX patching for freeBOOT users
    * Configuration menu
    * Real XBox save system for the configuration
    - Gamesave known as "Unkown Xbox Game"
    * Chose between different skins from the configuration menu
    * Support for own skins
    * many more things we can't remember

    Press "BACK" for detailed help pages!

    Note: If you only get a black screen on startup try to delete the XeXmenu savegame known as "Unknown Xbox Game" using system tab in dash.

    There are some issues with the FTP upload speed for some people at the moment. We're still working on that. This will be fixed in further releases!
    Official Site: n/a, by Team XeDEV (#team-xedev @EFnet)
    Download: n/a (built with XDK)



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