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    Exclamation Liteon DG-16D2S 74850C - Step-By-Step Guide (Mini Probe, Probe 1 & Probe 2.x Method)




    This guide is the property of Ubergeek on behalf of Team Xecuter. You have permission to duplicate this guide as long as full credits are given - don't be lame and claim it to be your own.


    With X360USB PRO you don't have to have any PortIO stuff installed so no F8 or Driver signing disabled or any of that crap any more (simply tick the USB Only button and all the PortIO stuff gets disabled / ignored) - just ignore all that as it's the old way of doing things - X360USB PRO takes care of ALL of it. if you are using a CK3 Probe 1 or 2 then you need to install the CK3 Pro USB drivers and select the correct COM port in Jungle Flasher

    The following tutorial will take you through the simple process of communicating with a Liteon DG-16D2S DVD Drive using Jungle Flasher and an X360USB PRO adapter.


    • Xecuter X360USB Pro
    • DVD Drive Power source (the tutorial uses an Xecuter CK3 Pro)
    • CK3 Probe (any version)
    • Sata Cable (Supplied with X360USB Pro)
    • USB Cable (Supplied with X360USB Pro)
    • Latest version of Jungle Flasher
    • X360USB PRO Windows Drivers
    • Windows XP / Vista / 7 - 32bit or 64bit


    AUX Power Cable

    The X360USB PRO comes with an AUX Power cable. This is NOT to be used unless it is required. Your X360USB PRO will function with no problems on 99% of USB ports as they have a 500ma output. A tiny amount of USB ports only carry 100ma. The AUX Power is supplied as a worst case scenario for those instances (you would plug it into a USB capable power supply unit such as the iPod's power brick). DO NOT use the AUX Power cable if your computer supports 500ma as you may cause damage to your X360USB PRO. The best way to test is it just set everything up to see if drivers install, jungle flasher detects the drive etc.

    There are four versions of the Liteon DG-16D2S, 74850C, 83850C(V1), 83850C(V2) & 93450C. This guide covers the 74850C. To find out which version of Liteon drive you have simply look at the label and you will see "FW Ver.: XXXXXC"

    Here is an example of the Liteon DG-16D2S DVD label. As you can see we have highlighted the F/W version - in this case it is the 74850C (When referencing the drives the letter C is rarely mentioned as it doesn't have any relevance so don't worry if you simply see "74850".

    Before you connect everything you first need to install the X360USB Pro Drivers. These are signed and work in Windows XP / Vista / 7 both 32bit and 64bit. Download the small driverpack and plug in the X360USB PRO USB Cable. When it asks for the drivers simple point to the files you saved and they will install with ease. You are now ready to hook everything else up.

    If you are using the CK3 Pro you have to make sure you have CK3 Pro USB drivers installed also so it can communicate with the CK3 Probe v1 / v2 (Not required if using a Probe v3)

    Working with a stock Liteon DG-16D2S 74850 is slightly trickier as you have to take the drive case apart and use a CK3 Probe to extract the DVD key. This only needs to be done once, and as soon as you have your key you can connect to the drive as normally as you would any other drive without taking it apart or using a CK3 Probe.

    So we will split this guide into 2 parts. Part A deals with extracting the drive key using the CK3 Probe, and Part B will deal with using Jungle Flasher as per normal for reading / writing of the firmware. if you already have your drive key then you simply skip to Part B.

    You will first need to take the DVD drive apart in order to get to its internal controller board. The point we are interested in is R707 (highlighted with red circle). This is right next to a voltage regulator so we recommend you cover with a piece of electrical tape because if you accidentally touch it you may damage your DVD Drive, CK3 Pro and/or your CK3 Probe.

    Let's get everything hooked up. First, simply connect the DVD power supply (in this case the Xecuter CK3 Pro) to the DVD drive (take care to make sure it is fitted the correct way - the wrong way can damage your drive). Connect the molex power cable from your PC or from an external Molex power supply. Connect the SATA cable from the DVD drive to the X360USB Pro, and then connect the USB cable from the X360USB Pro to a USB port on your Netbook/Notebook/Laptop/Desktop computer and if you are using a CK3 Pro connect its USB cable to your computer also (if you have one of the newer CK3 Pro's then it will have a USB/COM switch - make sure it is switched to USB) All these connections are illustrated in the diagrams below.

    OK we are ready to begin:

    PART A - Extracting The DVD Key

    1. Load up Jungle Flasher and...

    (1) Select the DVDKey 32 Tab
    (2) Make sure the I/O Port is set to 0x000
    (3) The X360USB pro should be detected as Primary Master and the Firmware version will be displayed (in this case it is Ver 0.17)
    (4) The Liteon DG-16D2S should be detected and ready to work with
    (5) Make sure you have the correct COM port selected for the CK3 Pro (in this case it is COM 11)
    (6) The CK3 Pro is detected and ready to extract the DVD key using the CK3 Probe
    (7) Make sure the Dummy.bin only box is ticked. This file will hold all the extracted information (key, inquiry, identify & serial).

    2. Now you are going to extract the DVD Key by using the CK3 Probe. You need to prepare your Liteon DVD Drive for DVD Key extraction:

    • Eject the Liteon tray (use the CK3 Pro eject switch)
    • Push the tray half way in

    Note: If you cannot eject using CK3 then simply slide the bar (red boxed) across to the left (as green arrowed) until the drive opens, Pull out tray to the half way position.

    3. Click the DVDKey32 button (If you require a delay to give yourself more time - right click on the DKDKey 32 button for delay options of 5,10,15 & 20 seconds)

    4. You will get a popup telling you to power your drive with half tray. Turn the CK3 Power OFF then ON and then click OK (IMPORTANT! - You will get Bad Serial Data error if you do not follow this step).

    5. Now connect the CK3 Probe to R707. The CK3 Probe should light up with Blue (power) and green (serial) LED's and your key will now extract successfully !

    6. You will be prompted to save the Dummy.bin - keep this file in a safe place as it holds all of your drives information including the DVD Key.

    7. The following part of the guide is solely to show 3rd party tools working with the X360USB PRO. You must own any game that you backup and we do not condone any kind of piracy and this is purely for educational purposes only. We do not provide any of the LT Plus firmware files and they are not provided or included with Jungle Flasher so do not ask for them. Once the drives firmware has been read Jungle Flasher will ask you if you want to auto-load the Liteon iXtreme firmware. Click Yes.

    8. Everything is now loaded into Jungle Flasher and you are ready to go. lets explain whats happening on the screen at the moment.

    (1) The source buffer is loaded with the information extracted from your Liteon drive.
    (2) This is your DVD key - always keep this safe !
    (3) This is the iXtreme LT Plus firmware auto loaded into the target buffer

    That's all the hard work done congrats on completing Part A of this tutorial !

    PART B - Reading & Writing Firmware

    9. Now you are ready to program your drive.

    (1) Select the MTK Flash 32 tab
    (2) Click the Lite-On Erase button

    10. You will get a pop-up warning you to be 100% sure that you have your DVD Key. If you are sure click YES

    11. Another pop-up explaining that the drive will be erased and when it sends an intro to the drive to kick it into vendor mode. If you are ready click YES

    12. You need to power cycle the drive (turn the CK3 Pro power switch OFF then ON) when the drive status displays as 0x90. Your drive will then switch to vendor mode ( 0x72 ) and you are ready to write data to the drive. To program the firmware click the Write button.

    13. After writing, Jungle Flasher also reads and verifies every sector to make sure that the drive programmed correctly. Once everything is completed it will say "Write Verified OK!"

    14. Success ! You can now click the Outro / ATA Reset button to take the drive out of vendor mode




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