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    [INFO] Incorrectly manufactured Probe(s) exist

    Hey there. I received my Probe 3 earlier this week, when trying to use it today it did not work. It turns out that the problem was that the DVD-end of the cable had been fitted with the connector upside down. This means that when connecting the cable to the Drive using the correct peg-orientation it did not connect. After removing the pegs the cable could be inserted the right way.

    In the first picture you can see the cable plugged in with the pegs in their slots, this results in the red side being up (ie wrong).

    The second picture is of the Probe power cable with the green side up (ie correct way). As you might be able to see, the peg is in the upper green part but the DVD-drive opening for the pegs is in the lower area of the hole.

    The third image is after I removed the pegs and inserted the cable the right way.

    I just wanted to let you forumdwellers know that this could happen to you too, however unlikely. I just flashed a drive with this setup an hour ago so this is not a hoax or a joke or anything.

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