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    Unhappy Really need help using External Hard Drive from MAC to PC

    I bought a Toshiba Canvio 1Tb hard drive and formatted it to a Mac Book Pro and loaded some games on it. I now try to load games on my PC laptop and although the Tobshiba Canvio appears in my driver window, I am not able to access the memory or retrieve the games. I am downloading a copy of Snow Leopard to run in VMWare on Windows 7 to trick the drive into thinking it's a Mac to get the iso's but is this the correct way or can I somehow get my pc as well as mac to recognize this drive so I can do this again (or at all?)

    What do I do please helpp!!!

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    Re: Really need help using External Hard Drive from MAC to PC

    get MacDrive 9 and install it on your pc laptop. it should read/write on to any mac drive you connect to a pc



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