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    NEW: Unflag console guide


    The recent events with the RGH and ggbuild have now made it possible to rebuild a CLEAN retail image of your console. Previously, you were able to use findsecdata to remap a previous version of your secdata.bin. However, since (at least) 12625 it's not been possible.


    MS changed their strategy and now secdata.bin AND crl.bin are updated with the current LDV level, which is something you can't edit whilst it's encrypted. Even when decrypted, it can be a pain to get the data right.

    GGbuild has taken this out of the equation as you can create a clean retail NAND along with a CLEAN VALID secdata.bin.

    So, what you need are as follows:

    1. NAND-x (or a RELIABLE USB SPI reader/writer)

    2. A method to get your CPU key (or if you have it already, even better). So RGH is possible on most HDMI consoles. You only need to get it to glitch once for the CPU key and once you have it you can disconnect.

    3. Easy ggbuild (latest version). You can get this working with just ggbuild but it's far easier using this tool.


    This will NOT unban your console

    What it does is clean any offline flags/corruption you may have, as well as repair any damage you may have done whilst trying to use a different secdata.bin.

    If you are already flagged on the servers, this won't help you.


    1. Dump the NAND. Make sure you have a clean dump.

    nandpro USB: -r16 nand.bin

    For 256/512MB Jaspers, you only need the first 1000 blocks:

    nandpro USB: -r64 nand.bin

    2. Open the NAND in 360 Flash Tool and make sure that any bad blocks are being remapped.

    3. If you have the CPU key already, use it in 360 Flash tool and make sure that it decrypts the keyvault data on the right.

    4. Go into easy ggbuild and edit the my360\cpukey.txt with your CPU key and copy your good NAND over as nanddump.bin.

    5. Run easy ggbuild and select your console type. You will then be asked if you want to build a Glitch Hack image or a Retail Image. Select Retail Image.

    6. Flash the resulting image back to your console. You should now have a clean retail image of 13604.


    No boot? Watch for this in the logs:

    block 0x0 was remapped to block (address), entering remap instance 3
    If you get this, you need to MANUALLY remap the block back to 0 as with no SMC your console will not boot:

    nandpro retail_nand.bin: -r16 smc.bin (address) 1

    nandpro retail_nand.bin: -w16 smc.bin 0

    This should be resolved in the next release of Multi_builder.


    EDIT: These steps can now be performed in J-Runner. Open the NAND dump and insert the CPU key. Select the same dashboard version and RETAIL NAND then build and flash to your console!



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