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    Comprehensive Flash, Rip and Burn Walkthrough

    I wrote this for a friend of mine and thought I would share it with all of you.
    He used this tutorial to huge success, but if I have screwed something up do not hesitate to correct me.
    All the information contained herein is readily available on, but I wanted to compile it all into a complete walkthrough so all you have to do is click the links at the various steps.
    It’s a way for me to show my appreciation to Team Xecuter and their awesome guides and equally awesome products.

    This tutorial will get you from a brand new XBOX 360 Slim to being able to rip, burn and play your retail backups on that same XBOX 360 Slim.

    This is the information for the system that this rundown was written for. However, it can be used with other system setups.
    System: XBOX 360 Slim 4gig with Kinect
    System DVD Drive: LiteOn DG16D4S with FW 1071
    System Dashboard: 12625

    Hardware you’ll need:
    Xecuter Replacement PCB
    Xecuter CK3i
    Xecuter X360USB Pro
    Molex power supply (optional but extremely handy)
    BenQ VAD6038 DVD drive (for ripping)
    LiteOn IHAS124-B DVD Burner with Burner Max firmware (for burning)

    Software you’ll need:
    Jungle Flasher
    Drivers and firmware for the CK3i and X360USB
    Xbox Backup Creator
    Jungle Flasher User Manual

    Firmware you’ll need (Google it, I’m not linking firmware. c4eva is your knight in shining armor)
    LT+ 2.0 for LiteON DG16D4S with FW 1071
    0800 v3 firmware for BenQ VAD6038
    Burner Max firmware for LiteOn IHAS124-B (only if a non-preflashed IHAS is used)

    Key extraction, PCB Replacement installation and firmware flashing:

    1) Update system dashboard to 13604 (I did this via the USB method outlined on the site)
    2) Disassemble the XBOX 360 Slim using this tutorial:
    3) This is where I make note of my DVD drive information (Model, FW and SPI).
    4) To Identify your SPI, take the cover off the DVD drive and have a look here:
    5) Once I know the SPI version I can determine the correct unlock method.
    WINBOND = PCB Replacement
    MXIC = Sputnik360 or PCB Replacement
    I have a WINBOND SPI so I am using the PCB Replacement
    6) I put the cover back on the DVD drive so I don’t mess it up while doing the next steps.
    7) Hook the DVD drives power to the Xecuter CK3i.
    Connect the CK3i to a free MOLEX plug (for power) and USB port (for control) on your computer.
    Alternatively, you can use an external MOLEX power supply to power the CK3i.
    8) Hook the DVD drives SATA to a Xecuter X360USB Pro then connect the X360USB Pro to your computer.
    9) To set up your X360USB Pro, follow one of the OS specific tutorials found here:
    10) DVD drive key extraction. Open the Jungle Flasher User Manual and follow the steps on page 207-210.
    11) Save the newly generated dummy.bin file to a location or locations that are safe and secure.
    12) Disconnect the DVD drive from the CK3i and X360USB Pro. Time to install the PCB Replacement.
    Follow this guide up to step 13 to remove your old PCB and just reverse the process with the PCB replacement:
    Take a look here to see what the installed PCB replacement should look like:
    13) Put the DVD drive cover back on and hook it back up to the computer via the CK3i and X360USB Pro.
    14) Refer to pages 211-218 in the Jungle Flasher guide; this will flash your drive with the LT+ 2.0 firmware.
    15) Install the DVD drive back into the XBOX 360 Slim and put your Slim back together.
    16) You are now ready to start playing backups of your retail XBOX 360 games.

    Ripping your retail XBOX 360 games:

    1) I’m using a BenQ VAD6038 but the process should be the same for the LiteOn solution.
    2) Use your CK3i (power) and the X360USB Pro to connect the BenQ DVD drive to your computer:
    3) Use the Jungle Flasher tutorial to flash the drive to 0800 v3 firmware (page 38-49).
    Use the 0800 v3 firmware you downloaded as your target instead of the iXtreme firmware.
    Note: You do not need to extract the DVD key and save the dummy.bin as this drive will only be used for ripping and not actually installed in a XBOX 360.
    4) To rip using Xbox Backup Creator follow this tutorial:
    5) Use this tutorial to set up and use ABGX:
    I’m not 100% sure what this does but I think it verifies the ISO, patches for AP25 and stealth patches for making XBL slightly safer to play on.
    6) You now have a backup of your retail XBOX 360 game.

    Burning your backup ISO’s

    1) There a few options here but I went with the LiteOn IHAS124-B option. You need to have the Burner Max firmware installed so I bought the one that came with Burner Max preinstalled. You can find a stock IHAS drive for cheaper then use Jungle Flasher to flash the Burner Max firmware to it.
    2) Follow this tutorial in order to burn your backups using ImgBurn:
    3) Play and enjoy.
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