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    Cool How to Burn Games for latest Xbox 360 Firmware (LT3.0) ?

    How to Burn Games for latest Xbox 360 Firmware/Dashboard (LT3.0) ????
    ....maybe tutorial have ?
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    Re: How to Burn Games for latest Xbox 360 Firmware (LT3.0) ?

    same as usual with imgburn using a liteon ihas burner with xtreme firmware !
    sometimes the easiest things can be made so hard...
    helping some people here is like smashing my head into a wall

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    Re: How to Burn Games for latest Xbox 360 Firmware (LT3.0) ?

    We're not here to spoon feed you. Plus we don't have a big enough spoon. Why don't you spend some time reading the obvious posts and threads made in the last 24 hours instead of starting pointless demanding threads.
    Thread closed. Don't open a new one on the same topic.

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