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    Change SATA Controller from AHCI/RAID to IDE for iHas Drives

    Just installed my new iHas Drive and came across a problem when trying to flash the Burner Max Firmware to it.
    As my SATA Controller was set to AHCI in the BIOS it wouldn't flash. When I attempted to change to IDE in the BIOS my PC would BSoD and I would have to change it back to AHCI or RAID.
    After much head-scratching and trial and error I managed to find a way around it without having to reinstall Windows 7 with IDE set in the BIOS.

    This is what I did.
    Open Regedit and go to;
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es
    from here find the registry entries below and change the Start Values
    atapi Start = 0
    intelide Start = 0
    iastorV Start = 3
    msahci Start = 3
    (if you have iaStor, set it to 3 as well)
    Once these have been changed close Regedit and restart your system but Boot into the BIOS and change the SATA Controller to IDE, save changes in BIOS and Reboot.
    When your system Reboots Windows it will install the IDE Drivers and ask for another Reboot. Do as requested and all should be well and you should be able to flash your iHas with Burner Max.

    I hope this helps anybody looking for a solution to this problem. As a word of warning always make a Restore Point before any Registry changes, so if anything goes wrong it can be fixed easily by reverting back to your previous Restore Point.

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    Re: Change SATA Controller from AHCI/RAID to IDE for iHas Drives

    I created an account here for the specific puropose of thanking your for this post. I was also lost and your post is what fixed it for me. Thank you for taking the time to make the guide, it made my day.

    Thank you again good sir!



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