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    Exclamation J-Runner - The Ultimate JTAG/RGH App *LATEST DOWNLOAD HERE*

    Without a doubt this is the best JTAG/RGH App we have ever used – Team Xecuter

    J-Runner v0.3 Beta

    J-Runner is a simple all-in-one application that integrates with Xebuild to read/create and write xbox 360 nand images for the reset glitch and Jtag hack.

    It has been developed with the end user in mind to make the entire process intuitive, simple and seamless from start to finish.

    Integrated features:

    • CPU Key functions – Get key over http and integrated cpu key database
    • DashLaunch ini Creator
    • Automated file save feature – saves files from each console to a folder based on console serial
    • Automatic Remapping of bad blocks before creating ECC image (first 50 blocks)
    • Xecuter J-R programmer full support
    • Xecuter DemoN full support
    • Xecuter DGX full support
    • Xecuter Sonus 360 Editor
    • Xecuter CR3 Pro Rater
    • Integrated image building functions with no reliance on python
    • Read, write and compare nand images independent of nandpro
    • Automated update notification – always have the latest version, when available (requires Internet connection)
    • Patch nand (change DVD Key, Drive OSIG and region)
    • Manually alter Lock Down Values (LDV – for Xebuild use)
    • And lots more to find out……(read the changelog below)


    How to use:
    Read the included Userguide

    Thanks :
    To Team XeBuild for the awesome program
    To Tiros and Gligli for their script
    An important person to me that without him i wouldn't have made this app.
    Martin_C, Redline99, Bliep4Ever and everyone that helped me create it with their invaluable info
    and last but not least, the testers for .. testing

    Also a big thanks to Team Xecuter for their support on this project

    The author of J-Runner will not be held responsible for any damage to your 360 caused whilst using this application. Use this at your own risk! (It's a Beta after all)


    You may get an error from your AV program

    Something like Win32/Packed.Themida

    This is a false positive - ignore it - add JRunner to your AV exceptions list to avoid further issues

      Version 3 Build 7
    • Added Support for Dashlaunch 3.14, xeBuild 1.14
    • Added Support for Dashboard 17150
    • Improved Winbond Patch selection on Patches/Dashlaunch
    • CB Selector for when you're creating a retail image
    • Text now displays which command xeBuild is going to execute on XB settings
    • Minor UI redesign around the xeBuild section
    Version 3 Build 5
    • CR4 support
    • Server changes
    • Pirs Viewer
    • CB Fuse reference table
    Version 3 Build 4
    • Added an option to prepare an hdd for use with an XBox One. It's beta so use it at your own risk. We used x360usb v1 on our tests.
    • Fixed hex editor popping up when exctracting files
    Version 3 Build 3
    • Bug Fixes
    • Dynamic size when reading full dumps of "Corona 4GB", should work with XBOX One
    Version 3 Build 2
    • JR-P menu with power on, shutdown and bootloader mode commands Warning: when in bootloader mode, JR-P needs to get reflashed to go into normal mode again
    • Bug Fixes
    Version 3 Build 1
    • Support for new dashlaunch/xeBuild
    • Latest XeLL
    • Support for 16537 dash
    • XVal, why? no reason
    • XVal related function but for secdata.bin
    • Get Latest System Update function (hope MS won't bother JR downloading it)
    • xsvf LPT support for XP users (for those cheap asses who didn't buy a JR-P)
    • ECC files updated with new XeLL
    • both minor and major bugfixes and bug creations (As always please report bugs to make JR better )
    Build 290
    • Changed way it handles ECC on 14719< nands Instead of Write ECC* there is now Create ECC* (blame Martin_C) It has been altered due to a large number of users who didn't understand the process, and to bring it in line with the normal process. For all RGH, Read Nand, Create ECC*, Write ECC, get CPU key, Create Image and Write Image. Create ECC* will now transfer your KV into the premade ECC, so people wont lose it (who does that anyway) and so we won't have people asking why they can't see their DVD key in XELL
    • Added Console type on CPU Key database. If you double click on a row the CPU Key will be loaded and if you press the ... button to load a nand, you should be automatically taken to the serial folder it belongs in (if you still have the nands in their respective serial folders) Scan Folders should auto populate info on previous entries
    • More Bug fixes and Improvements
    Build 289
    • Added R-JTAG checkbox
    • Added Corona 3+ selection in CR3 Pro Rater (fake post)
    • Fixed Minor Bug
    Build 288
    • Added DGX to RGX Conversion XSVF's
    • Added TX released ECC files For use to obtain CPUKeys on dashes greater than 14719
    • Removed Write DGX Options (now writes correct ECC dependant upon nand loaded/selected)
    • Added Menu option to write new ECC files if you havent loaded a nand
    • Added Ability for LTP and Nand-x to write x128 XSVFs
    • Added Protection check whilst using JR Programmer (in case you stupidly try to write a XSVF to CR3Pro)
    • Moved Trinity XSVF radio button into RGH2 group
    • Fixed bug creating image without nanddump.bin
    • Fixed bug on Custom XeBuild Commands
    Build 287
    • Added CR3 Pro Rater
    • Fixed some bugs
    Build 286
    • Added support for LTU required files on "Extract files" function for use with JungleFlasher
    Build 285
    • Added BGA on Corona v4 size as acceptable
    • Added Write DGX button when nand requiring DGX is loaded
    • Added Alternate DGX for Corona
    • Added Corona_en files for demon
    • Added Xell Freeboot for Corona with Full HDMI support
    • Fixed Bug in write nand, removed need for delay setting writing to nand with JRP
    • Improved Sonus360 Custom editor Functionality
    • Fixed settings save error
    • Fixed inability to select Full Dump on BB consoles
    • Fixed SMC config bug
    • More bugs fixed
    • Altered available Dashes for direct download through J-Runner (Now limited - Dont go downloading more dash versions than you need! - Conserve the Bandwidth) You're now limited to number of dashes/time frame
    Build 284
    • Added DGX support
    • Added Sonus Custom Sounds
    • Added SMC Config Editor
    • Added Erase for Corona 4GB (F2 for an alternative erase method)
    • Added Custom XeBuild Command
    • Rewrote Functions for nand-x/JR-P
    • Changed way it saves settings
    • Added support for new ISD chip
    • Patch kv OSIG list updated
    • Patch kv Serial and Console ID added
    • Added rev option on Advanced XeBuild Options
    • Lots of various enchancements, bug fixes, optimizations
    Build 283
    • Added Improved Scan IP (if nand loaded in source)
    • Added Hex Editor/Viewer
    • Added Xecuter Sonus Editor
    • Added Ability to use custom CB when creating Nand (advanced function)
    • Improved nand initialization
    • Improved Bad block Handling
    • Fixed bug on delete from CPUKey Database
    Build 282
    • Allows full dump of Corona 4GB to work with Xebuild
    Build 281
    • Added Xebuild 1.05
    • Added read/write to Corona 4GB using SD Card reader
    • Full Corona 4GB support
    Build 280
    • Added Corona Install Images
    • Added DIY Corona xsvf for 48MHZ Osc
    • Added Monitor COM wiring Images
    • Added Enable/Disable of File Checks/Downloads in Settings
    • Added app re-opens in same screen position as was last used
    • Changed Use of registry for settings (values are stored elsewhere)
    • Changed Settings layout
    • Changed Custom Functions layout
    • Changed Xsvf selection screen
    • Fixed Nand init after dash selection
    • Fixed Cpukeydb clipboard after a sort-by selection
    • Fixed RGH auto Selection for Trinity
    • Fixed Small bug in dashlaunch selection radio buttons
    • Fixed Bug where crash occurs if filepath no longer exists for working folder
    • Tidied up Images dropdown menus
    • Added warning of existing files in output folder on start
    • Added fcrt when extracting files
    • Fixed bug in Scan for keys
    Build 279
    • Added support for Xebuild 1.04
    • Added support Corona ECC
    • Added COM port Monitor for Xell (additional wiring and HW required - you can use a CK3i or NAND-X USB Update Cable)
    • Added Demon Hotkeys
      • F5 - toggle Demon Nand/Xbox360 Nand
      • F6 - Power On Xbox360
      • F7 - Power Off Xbox360
    • Added Scan Ip Range for CPU Key (range scanned is in settings page - default is LAN)
    • Added ability to change output name of images built (settings page - default: updflash.bin)
    Build 278
    • added support for dashlaunch 3.02
    • added support for xebuild 1.03
    Build 277
    • Added Team Xecuter DemoN support
      • Read DemoN/Xbox360 nand
      • Write DemoN/Xbox360 nand
      • Erase DemoN/Xbox360 nand
      • Write XSVF to CoolRunner
      • Toggle Between Nands
      • Power Console On/Off (Kiosk Pin wiring required)
      • Update DemoN Firmware
    • Improvements to POST monitor
    • Improved nand initialization and ECC creation (faster)
    Build 276
    • Added POST Monitor
    • Added routine to Write TX fusion nands (handles bad blocks)
    • Added Menus items, moved around to make more sense
    • Added option in settings for some users who were reporting JR-Programmer write 'lagging' (it should be similar to read speed)
    • Added ability to update / re-program the FW on JR-Programmer
    • Added Scan for keys/nands function in Key database
    • Added device connected notification images :)
    • Added CR Rev C pictures
    Build 275
    • SMC config viewer
    • Extract files function now extracts all the required files for Fusion into output folder
    • Advertisement now opens in the user's specified browser and not Internet Explorer \o/ :P
    • Added another warning message when users are about to dump nand thus replacing an existing file
    • A checksum.md5 is now generated on compare, dunno why its needed but someone asked for it
    • Enhanced bad block handling, now not only it remaps blocks to create ecc but it writes them in the correct position as well
    • Lots of optimizations
    Build 274
    • added an additional xsvf file for falcons - rgh2
    Build 273
    • fixed a bug when internet connection is active but server is down
    Build 272
    • fixed a bug with rgh2 and dashlaunch
    Build 271
    • added support for xebuild 1.02
    • added support for dashlaunch 3.00
    • fixed a few bugs
    Build 270
    • fixed a typo on ecc creation for 6752
    Build 269
    • fixed incompatibility error on XP
    Build 268
    • Layout change
    • added RGH2 support for 14717 > phats
    • added RGH2 Wiring images
    • added RGH2 xsvf files
    • added ARM 2 support
    • added Xecuter J-R Programmer support
    • added LPT support (for coolrunner programming only)
    • added Xebuild options editing screen
    • added sounds on Success and Failure conditions (editable)
    • added Xell-Reloaded on JTAG - for HDMI support during CPU key retrieval etc
    • added bad blocks tab for full check of bad blocks
    • added .dll usage
    • added support for updating jtags of any wiring (creating aud_clamp, Open_tray updated images etc)
    • added new icon
    • added reporting console LDV in log during CpuKey grab over network
    • removed Xellous use on JTAG
    • improved update method
    • improved advanced nand/CR functions in
    • improved changelog retrieval
    • some minor bug fixes
    Build 267
    • added an option to use a different bootloader on xenons as there have been reports it improves the glitch times
    Build 266
    • added Xenon Support
    Build 265
    • a file path fix
    Build 264
    • added support for ecc creation on trinity with dash version 14717 and above
    Build 263
    • added auto file save for those who are doing purely dvd key retrieval!
    • a couple of tiny tweaks
    • new dashlaunch option - fakelive
    Build 262
    • added KV info extraction
    Build 261
    • small bug with launch.ini where some values were set to true
    • more idiot proof. removed the pop up at start of reading
    Build 260
    • added status updates on xebuild and dashlaunch
    • added support to add dashes offline
    Build 259
    • fixed the actual issue on nands that need donor files
    Build 258
    • added 14719 (and dash selector)
    • fixed a dashlaunch issue
    • fixed (a possible issue) on nands that need donor files
    Build 257
    • fixed a problem with changing ldv
    Build 256
    • Initial Release
    Download Core Pack: and run J-Runner and update to the latest version (first disable any AV software you may have running).

    Then in the xeBuild folder create the folders for the relevant dashboard that you wish to use (for example 16747, 16756, 16767, 17148 & 17150)then open J-Runner again and it will auto download all the latest dashboard files fully working including official Xecuter Patches for Corona v5 / v6 Winbond memory.

    Demon Drivers:

    J-Runner Official Support Forum: Click here
    J-Runner IRC Support Channel @ #J-Runner on efnet

    Please Show Your Support.. For The Day To Day Updates & Upkeep Of J-Runner By Donating nude pictures of your wives/girlfriends/sisters/grannies.
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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    Awesome news! If only i weren't stuck in class for the next 3 hours

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner


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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    And many no stress days ahead for Users

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    Nice to see it released


    Dont forget theThanks button if I've helped.

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    Ohh Yahh

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    nice im trying it right now lol

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    There's a support channel. #J-Runner on efnet
    • The three most dangerous things in the world are a programmer with a soldering iron, a hardware engineer with a software patch, and a user with an idea.

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    Quote Originally Posted by stefanounick View Post
    There's a support channel. #J-Runner on efnet
    added to the thread stef nice work buddy

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    hell ya thanks for the release....!

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    Thanks much team.

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    Great work, thank you.

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    Very nice! Hats off to this team.

    You have like 10+ of my hats now...

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    This great news, thanks for the heads up

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    Thanks guys! keep it up!

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    nice work an works awesome also

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    Next time I RGH a console, I'll be giving this a go.

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    Im so exited!!! been waiting 4 this 4 like 2 weeks now.

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    Nice!!! Now the wait for the DemoN is killing me

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    Re: Official Release of J-Runner

    Thanks for the Demon

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