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    Re: New System Update 23/2/2012

    The only changes I see is on your dashboard go to setting and account option is gone. Can't use it no more.

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    Re: New System Update 23/2/2012

    Shows up just fine for me on 14719.

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    Re: New System Update 23/2/2012

    meh, I'm done with m$. If they are gonna keep blocking my legal backups this vigilantly, then screw em. I'm perfectly happy with steam.

    Some people may complain about their drm, but really? You can play your purchased games offline, and install them on all of your rigs. I'm almost done with school, and am building 2 rigs for me and the gf for steam games to lan. Consoles barely support split screen anymore anyway. We are done with consoles, period.

    Steam = no need to backup your games anymore. If they go out of business (the biggest argument against steam btw) there is already a crack out on every site known to man just in case that happens. The pirates have our backs. Just purchase your games through steam and support the devs that way, because fuck you that's why. I'm done with this bullshit.

    I will reply to any arguments to this rant, go ahead, from an anonymous indie dev (note my anon game is not sold on steam).

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    Re: New System Update 23/2/2012

    Quote Originally Posted by jrjr6565 View Post
    Farouk123456, What drive is in each xbox? Also which xbox got updated?
    well one failed ap2.5 check, 1 didnt, and both are liteon

    ---------- Post added at 23:41 ---------- Previous post was at 23:39 ----------

    hold up, just checked again, the other just got an update!!! 10 hours later


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