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    (TUT)Use J-Runner to create already banned nand image

    Just threw this TUT together will update with Pics, more info, whatever is needed...Also wasnt sure where to put it. sry mods if wrong.

    This will make sure your KV is safe when using a Dual boot setup, such as with the DemoN for Xbox Live use. This will work with Zeyphr, Falcon, Jasper (small 16mb) and Trinity (Slim) Xbox360s.

    This will NOT allow you to use unsigned code over Xbox Live, so this is not a way of cheating! Your Stock nand will not get banned unless you do some other mod like THE ODD Emulation or Modify the Firmware of the Disk Drive.

    First you will need to get a good dump of your original nand (Use Nand-X and J-Runner) and the CPU Key.

    • Make a copy of original nand(Never patch or work with other kv with only copy of original nand!)
    • Load your Nand Dump and enter your CPU Key in the blank provided
    • Make sure to copy the DVD Key shown and also either copy or remember the OSIG(this is your drive type and for slims you MUST use the keyvault with the matching dvd drive for your console.).
    • Click write Image( check DashLaunch Patches if you like).

    Make sure in Source file it has changed to “J-Runner directory\serial number\nandflash.bin “.

    Next we will need to add in the info from the banned KV and then patch to make our DVD drive still read games properly:

    • In the Additional File box load the KeyVault the matches your console.
    • Click Advanced
      • click Import Decrypted KeyVault. Wait until you see “ECC'ed - will unecc. Imported successfully”

    • Click Patch Nand
      • click the check box next to patch KeyVault. Only Change the DVD key back to yours. It may already be in the box. This allows your DVD drive to work with the imported KV with out having to modify it in any way.
      • Click OK

    • Click Create Image again
      • you may see an unhandled exception error. not sure why but it still works it just wont auto load this new bin file for you.
      • This will Generate a file called "Nandflash – patched.bin". load this into source file.
      • you will notice your console ID, Serial Number change. This is the information from the banned KeyVault. Make sure the dvd key matches your original nand.

    You can write this to nand with Nand-x or use Rawflash v4.

    If using RawFlash you will need to rename to Nandflash.bin and then copy this and xenon.elf to root of usb. Then boot console with the eject button.

    ( This procedure may change once DemoN is released)

    I have the banned kv's already just need mod to tell me its ok to post.
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    Re: (TUT)Use J-Runner to create already banned nand image

    pm me the links mate i will pass em to the author (not saying he will use em - but if he has the info available )

    What else is there ?

    "Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot."

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    Re: (TUT)Use J-Runner to create already banned nand image

    Ok i Pm'd them



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