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    weird benq issue

    ok a guy brought me his drive to fix it was a stock benq on the latest official fw.

    i tried 2 new lasers in it but the same problem where basically it started to read then the laser went to the outside of the disc and stayed there. then i noticed however if i ejected the disc out and put it back in so the laser was still in the same outside position it played just fine however every time i eject a disc and close the tray with no disc and the laser returns to its default starting position it does the same thing again. obviously something is screwed up with the drives sensing of the laser position or something.

    i had a few similar before but they were basically playing fine but not returning with no disc in so evenetually working their way past the outside edge of the disc and then not picking up the disc until manually moved back into range. i was able to fix these by putting them in consoles not yet on 13604 (the fw where ms flashed everybodys drive) and letting ms flash the fw on the drive. after that it corrected the problem so it was obviously some sort of calibration was off. flashing fw through jf didnt fix them but the method used by ms was probably different.

    anyway im convinced this is the same sort of thing however i no longer have consoles prior to 13604 to let ms reflash the drives fw.

    any ideas???
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