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    Troubleshooting a failed glitch boot

    I have a 360 I got from a friend. He messed up a nand install and has a bunch of nanddumps left. If I dump his current nand on the box it doesn't open in flash dump tool so I assume it's fucked (correct, or can I open it another way possibly to see whats left?).

    Anyway, I have three nandddumps from him. I'm trying out one with the lowest 6bl (8955) since I have the most faith in this one (although again not sure). Also flashed the .ecc file to see if I can get the CPU Key (is there any way to remove all ecc stuff from the nand?)

    Currently when I boot the actual chip shows a red light, gets a green light once (so far so good) then on the front of the console I get the middle green light suddenly blinking (no ring action happening at all). It's stuck this way. The soldering is top notch and before it never booted in longer than 10 secs so I assume it's not that. Can I safely assume it's a nand issue (possibly .ecc?) or is there something else I should check first? I'm trying to narrow down the possibilities so it takes me as less as work as possible. I also have the nand-x wires still soldered, could it possibly be this? Soldering them again is kind of a pain so I didn't remove them just in case

    Thanks for any help I can get!

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    Make sure you compare the original dumps before you use it. Then create ecc and flash back.

    Doesn't matter that the NAND wires are still hooked up - disconnect your nand-x before powering on though!!

    Your soldering is spot on why not post pics to prove it? 90% of errors are poor soldering!

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    Re: Troubleshooting a failed glitch boot

    1. post pics, forum rules
    2. RGH1 the xbox, to obtain the LDV you need (.ecc is independant of LDV)
    3. If there is a chance the xbox could have been updated to 14717 or higher, you may need to RGH2 it



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