Posted by Scene News on Dec 24, 2009

FreeXex QuickBoot v0.2

FreeXeX released a bug-fix release for their QuickBoot application released earlier today/yesterday.

This new version fixed a bug on XP where the png's had to be in the same directory as quickboot.exe or it would crash.

QuickBoot allows you to build "short cut" LIVE containers that will allow you to launch applications directly from NXE.

The three main advantages of this are:
* Saves time by loading the application directly, rather than having to use XexLoader to browse the file tree and find the executable.
* Bypasses the 4GB size limit on live containers as you're not actually storing the application data in the live container, merely making a shortcut to it.
* Allows you to load applications off of external hard drives etc. straight from NXE.

Official Site: n/a, by FreeXeX (#freexex or #freeboot @EFNet)
Download: n/a (contains files built with XDK)

Original Source: Xbox-Scene