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How To Install The Xecuter RROD Repair Kit Pro II

How To Install The RROD Pro Repair Kit II

This tutorial was written by Team Xecuter. If you use anything from this tutorial please give credits and also a direct link to this page. Also if we have made any mistakes or left anything out please let us know – thanks !

Work Time: 20 Minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Tools Required: Xecuter Unlock Tool & Xecuter RROD Pro Repair Kit (Comes complete with Torx 10 & Torx 8 Screwdrivers, Allen Key, 8 Precision Designed Bolts, 8 Precision Cut Metal Washers, 8 Precision Cut Nylon Washers, 4 Thermal K-Pads & Hi-Quality Thermal Paste)
We also recommend that you get yourself some Arcticlean Thermal Grease Cleaning Kit – On Sale Here Only $8.95 for 60ml

First follow the guide for disassembling the Xbox 360 case and removing the motherboard.

1. Turn the motherboard over – this will be your work area [Pic 1a] What you are going to do first is remove the 2 large X-Clamps from the motherboard and replace with bolts that have been custom made for a precision fit on the Xbox.

[Pic 1]

2. Removing the X-Clamps is pretty easy using long nose pliers or a screwdriver. (Don't use one of the included Torx screwdrivers as you will strip the end). After all 4 corners have been loosened simply remove. Be careful not to touch the motherboard as you can damage the traces.

Here is a Video to show how to remove the Xclamps – thanks to Carwilej on Youtube

[youtube dDAW_tRiGTU nolink]

3. Now remove the GPU and CPU heatsinks from the motherboard [Pic 3a]. You will see the GPU and CPU exposed and will probably be quite dirty with old thermal grease [Pic 3b]. The best way to clean these is by using original Arcticlean Thermal Grease Cleaning Kit (On Sale Here)

[Pic 3a]

[Pic 3b]

4. Now remove the bolts from the heatsinks. There are 4 on each heatsink. They can be quite stiff so use a solid set of pliers or mole grips. GPU [Pic 4a] and CPU [Pic 4b].

[Pic 4a]

[Pic 4b]

5. Now to do some cleanup. The thermal grease on the heatsinks AND on both the GPU & CPU needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The best cleaner to use is the Arcticlean Thermal Grease Cleaning Kit (On Sale here). It's pretty hard and baked and is very difficult to remove if you don't use a proper cleaning kit. The Arcticlean is by Arctic Silver and is definatley the best you can buy (its only around $8.95 for 60ml – you can do quite a few Xbox's with that amount) This step is very important. The images show the components after they have been cleaned. [Pic5a, b & c]

[Pic 5a]

[Pic 5b]

[Pic 5c]

6. Now to apply some fresh thermal paste to the GPU / CPU (included with the RROD Pro Repair Kit) [Pic 6a] and connect the bolts / washers. We recommend that you do one heatsink at a time and working with the motherboard on it's side makes the job a little easier. When pushing the bolts through the motherboard make sure that the Nylon washer goes on the other side first and then the metal washer (against the heatsink)


[Pic 6a]

[Pic 6b]

7. Use the included Allen key to tighten the bolts to the heatsink. Do it in order of opposite corners to get an even spread. Tighten the bolts as tight as they will go – they have been measured to perfection. Now repeat steps 6 & 7 for the other heatsink.

8. Now you need to stick the thermal K-Pads to the memory chips on the underside of the board – there should be four [Pic 8a]. If there is already a thermal pad there simply remove it and use the ones included in the kit. They are quite sticky so give them a firm push [Pic 8b].

[Pic 8a]

[Pic 8b]

[Pic 8c]

NOTE: If you have the new RROD Repair Kit Pro II, there will be two extra heatsinks for the ANA Scaler Chip and the Southbridge Chip. These are prevenative measures to help against any damage to these chips after you have done your repair. They will help stop most E74 errors.

9. Now carefully put the motherboard back into the Xbox chassis. Use the Torx 10 screws to firmly connect the motherboard (The Torx 8 X-Clamp screws are no longer needed). Connect the front power pcb, the fan and the DVD ROM (Don't connect the rest of the case together yet).

10. Now for the all important baking trick. Connect the Xbox Power supply and AV lead. Make sure the FAN power cable is UNPLUGGED at this stage. Now boot the console and leave it powered on until you get 2 red lights [Pic 10a]. As soon as this has happened power off the Xbox and connect the fan power cable to the motherboard. Leave it for 5 minutes and then power back up. If all went well your Xbox should now be repaired ! [Pic 10b]

[Pic 10a]

[Pic 10b]

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