Posted by Scene News on Feb 28, 2010

ISO2GOD v1.2.1

KrK / Team 360h released a new app called ISO2GOD, a PC app for converting Xbox 360 ISO images straight into Games on Demand containers.

What's new/fixed (since v1.1.3):
+ Right-click menu for conversion queue to allow for edit, removal and reset of FTP upload status. (v1.2.1)
~ Fix for minor bug in GOD container header. Thanks Rab (v1.2.1)
+ FTP support to automatically transfer GODs to 360 HD. (v1.2.0)
+ GODs given unique names so multi-disc titles can now be converted. (v1.2.0)
+ Option to automatically rename multi-disc titles. Eg: " Disc 1" (v1.2.0)
+ ISO conversions can now be edited by double clicking the entry in the queue. (v1.2.0)
+ Free disk space check. (v1.2.0)
~ Fix for bugs in GOD conversion code that caused games to fail. (See notes) (v1.2.0)
~ More details added to conversion queue. (v1.2.0)
~ Minor tweaks to the GUI. (v1.2.0)

Official Site: n/a, by KrK/Team 360h
Download (v1.2.1): here