Posted by Scene News on Dec 2, 2009

iXtreme v1.6 for Liteon 83V2 and 93450 – Better Dumping Method

carranzafp/Maximus released a modified version of the Lite-On iXtreme v1.6 to work with the 83850-v2 and 93450 drives:

Just finished hexediting and testing
Here are templates for Ixtreme 1.6 for 83V2 and 93450 liteon firmwares
what you need to do is place your keys/serials on it and flash
use Jungleflasher or Hexedit, whatever, keep you original stored for future upgrades

Dont ask why you got banned if you play Online with this firmware, its 1.6, also I just tested with 2 consoles so its your call
the fws are based on the 83v1 ixtreme 1.6 I could have do it based on the 74 but Its the first I saw, dont think based on the 74 would make them safer anyway

Download: n/a (might be illegal under DMCA/EUCD)
News-Source: carranzafp on XBH