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Posted by Scene News on Sep 1, 2013

J-Runner Version v0.3 (Build 1) Released

Following the releases of the latest 360 dashboard 2.0.16537, Xell Reloaded 0.993Xebuild 1.08, and DashLaunch 3.08 J-Runner has update to include all of these including many under the hood fixes and new features

Version 0.3 Build 1

  • Support for new dashlaunch/xeBuild
  • Latest XeLL
  • Support for 16537 dash
  • XVal, why? no reason
  • XVal related function but for secdata.bin
  • Get Latest System Update function (hope MS won't bother JR downloading it)
  • xsvf LPT support for XP users (for those cheap asses who didn't buy a JR Programmer)
  • ECC files updated with new XeLL
  • both minor and major bugfixes and bug creations (As always please report bugs to make JR better)

Official Thread & Download