Posted by Scene News on Oct 15, 2010

LT+ Firmware including Firmguard+ for 360 Slim Coming Soon….

As announced back in August, C4E in collaboration with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter has been working on the 360 slim. We also showed a simple video (Video #1 & Video #2 – Now over 400,000 views!) showing the slim booting backups as a proof of concept.

Many things have changed with the new drives, one of the main things being real time XBL security checks. Well soon you will have a new firmware we haved called LT+ with new Firmguard+ feature.

There are many cool things in progress so stay tuned….

Some more info from C4E:

<+c4eva> no eta, LT+ is for slim only, new checks are for slim only
<+c4eva> JF will also be updated for full support for slim including 0225 key dump!
<+c4eva> LT is still good for current liteons
<+c4eva> benq LT is fine
<+c4eva> there are several real-time checks in slim to overcome but should be ok
<+c4eva> current LT is fine
<+c4eva> terablinda is great, it all stems from fw unlock routine in slim which we have known for sometime now, JF will be updated to have improved support for slim
<+c4eva> realtime ram check,realtime fw check,realtime buffer check, are just some of the new checks for slim, we will cover our tracks with LT+
<+c4eva> it shows the current LT is doing its job for these new checks to be implemented!
<+c4eva> alot more info will be released in the coming weeks on all the MS checks

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