Posted by Scene News on Dec 12, 2010

LT+ v1.1 for Benq & Liteon Released Plus Hitachi 78/79 LT+ Update

We've been testing this all week and finally we have support for iXtreme compatible XBOX 1 rips on LT+ Firmware – plus some other tweaks and fixes.

– LT+ v1.1 Supports Benq and Liteon Drives (74850, 83850V1, 83850V2, 93450)
– Xbox 1 Backup Support (iXtreme compatible, DVD9 only)
– Improved PFI Support
– Improved AP25 performance

Plus after much work and heavy testing, C4E has finished the LT+ for Hitachi 78 and 79 and it is confirmed that they now boot AP25 backups ! We are currently testing and hope to announce the official release shortly. There are also plans to make LT firmware for the older Hitachi drives but without Ap25 as it's not required. LT+ for Slims is the priority at the moment.  FYI iXtreme 1.51 still works just fine with AP25 (many are still using the older Hitachi's on XBL – however we can't guarantee that it is XBL safe so use at your own risk).

Hitachi 78/79 LT+ Files Included: