Posted by Scene News on Jul 22, 2011

Maximus Lizard360: Gecko v1.14

Some of you may be doing a double take and wondering why we have Maximus news here at Xecuter 🙂 Well regardless of what the squadrons of fanboys think, Max and I actually do work together from time to time and there isn't any problems between the teams – other than the odd sly dig in advertising but thats just business marketing 🙂

Anyway, they have released a new version of  Gecko 1.14 and it includes full support for the Xecuter DG-16D4S Unlocked PCB and also PCB's that have had the Pro Install kits fitted.

So here is a full plug just for you – don't expect it too often lol 😉

Have been a long day but finally we can approve Gecko 1.14 to public release. Since this is a Major Update we encourage you to update all the following:
a) Gecko 1.14 on your lizard (both application and flash)
b) Get Toolbox 1.30 from our download page
c) Get Latest Filesets from the Fileset Blog
d) Get Latest SD Card files (for standalone) from the Fileset Blog

We have implemented support for flashing the T-X pcbs but you can also use any unlocked SPI board to flash your custom firmware. We also have incorporated a Lock/Unlock option but currently works only on boards with switch (T-X boards at this moment).

As we anticipate if you already have a 0225 dummy file there YOU NEED REDUMP with this gecko 1.14, if you dont do that your drive hack will not likely work.

There is a reported bug about 0272 LTPlus 1.9 not replying back the proper real time checks, as soon as c4e fixes it we will just update the Filesets and SD card files, but meanwhile we have what is available.

Another important recommendation is to update the console Dashboard to latest 13599 before proceeding with custom hack. Be careful this update locks the 9504->0272 drives spi flash, so a good recommendation is to flash the original firmware over a board with switch (aka Team Xecuter) so once your dash is updated the board will be locked but since this board has switch you can unlock it easily and reuse on later job. To know what you need to do to update to latest dash read the following guide.

About the Russian Unlock Hack, we have seen it and we are looking to incorporate a safe and tested version on the very next Gecko update among other well appreciated goodies 🙂

Official Site: